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Synthetic urine


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Hello, guys.
I have a question for this synthetic urine: CleanUrin - Syntetisk Urin 25ml
Dont "officials" or doctors try spot if your urine is fake? I mean, if you work with that every day, how can you not see or smell if its different?

Anyone got any experience? because i am afraid as f... to get busted by using this :/


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Hiya @RasmusHashKlump, whats the alternative? If you have the ability to sneak in fake piss could you try and sneak in real piss from a clean friend? Also, getting caught with fake piss outcome safer than dirty piss outcome? When I had to piss I found it took about 3-5 days to get out of my system naturally, but I weigh about two feathers. GL bro, pissing in a cup is never fun!
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