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T Trichome Peyote Wifi Clone Run

T Trichome

It's her 13th day and her pot is mighty light. So we topped her up with ph balanced water to 6.3 with 1ml per liter armor si. This will ride her out till her second weeks nutrient feed. Around day 16 if the trend continues.

Lst went great and it'll be only a short time before we are back at those limbs. Manipulating and tieing them down again to structure our canopy.
What we do now depicts how she will grow, and look later. We will be focusing on structure for a little while now. Let's see how she shapes out.

Shes currently very comfortable in her environment. Its sitting at 24 degrees celcius and 47% rh. BEAUTY. Well I melt my ass in 35 degrees celcius 67% rh outside. Funny how that works lol.

She responded great to the treatment. Very perky and happy, and received no damage or burning from the spray. That's why rinsing the leaves off is essential. Until next update happy growing and stay lit fam.


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