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stoned snake

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hi i have a grow box outside i made an ingenious method to keep it hidden my question is can i keep it going all through winter like where i live it freezes but i was thinking mabe put in a hotter bulb or a small heater ne ideas?

stoned snake

New Member
ya i get really resoucefull when im in tight spots lol ty


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I think the "cutting leafs to disguise" was the crazest :)

Don't know if I would go with a heater,
hotter lights, 'er at least warm enough.

Gonna be obvious if the snow melts off it and nothing else.
If said box is insulated properly it may not melt anything. That would be slick.


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If your going outside insulation is a must. Not just in the walls but the floor too. If you didnt, it would be like camping in the winter with no sleeping bag. A small heater would work but you have to have a fan, keep the air circulated......
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