The Scratch-And-Sniff Book Of Weed Takes You Through The World Of Cannabis

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No matter how old you are, scratch-and-sniff stickers are always a super fun way to experience things around us, be it new perfume samples, pizza menus, or whiskey flavor guides. Now, the multisensory approach is making a comeback in a rather unlikely form — a scratch n' sniff book about weed.

Seth Matlins, a global brand marketer, and Eve Epstein, a pop culture writer and strategist, have created The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed, which aims to educate people about cannabis.

The book highlights the multi-sensorial qualities of weed and delves into why music and sex are way better after a few puffs, passing through glorious munchies and, of course, how it enhances our smell.

However, none of the 20 scratch-and-sniff spots smell like actual weed, it is more about summoning different aromas to evoke experiences in the reader. For example, The Pineapple Express smells like pineapple.

According to its authors, this sensorial aid is more about bringing a humoristic and didactical experience to the mix. Leaving the fun aside, the book is pretty serious as well. The authors told Vice:

"We didn't write it for a stoner mentality. Instead, the aim was to be the Sesame Street of weed: entertaining and educational."

Described as a "physiological, sexual, historical, botanical and cultural trip through the world of cannabis," the 22-page book covers the historical background of weed and its medicinal benefits and delves further into the larger conversation about the social and racial aspects of decriminalization, justice and legalization of cannabis.

The authors introduce 4 characters in the book: a black college student, a Latina soccer mom, a middle-aged white man and an Asian grandmother, challenging the notions of weed consumers. Plus, they offer a bunch of fun and informative facts about cannabis.

The book also comes with a good cause: 10% of the profits will be donated to the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit organization that advocates for legalization of weed around the globe.


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