Thinking of growing outside this summer - 1st time grower


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So I've been thinking about growing marijuana this summer. I'm from northern Canada, and the growing season is from mid-April to September. I was wondering what you guys would suggest for such a short season, clones or seeds? I was told to grow them until they're about a foot tall, then plant them in the field. As I said, I'm a first time grower, and any/all help will be greatly appreciated. If you guys know any specific strains that would grow specifically well in a northern climate, that would be great also. Another big question, is whether the plants would be able to survive a harsh Canadian winter and reflower in the spring, or would I have to replant?

*Edit: The climate where I intend to be growing ranges from -40 degrees Celsius in the winter to +40 degrees Celsius in the summer. The average temperature for the summer is around 20-22 degrees.

Thanks again !
With your climate only pures indicas are an option or short-flowering hybrids, which finish by the end of September.
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