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tips for growing outdoor?


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hey dudes
these are my babies they are over 2 months old im wondering is there is anything i can do to improve them or benefit them(also for better yield) in anyway and could someone tell me when they might flower and how tall they might get? also could you please rate my plants in terms of health, height and whatever.
sorry if im asking to much im a serious noob.
thank you for your time!



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hey Stealthboat
thanks for your reply i dont have protection against insects and animals is there anything you can recommended?
and yes the debris is for stealth reasons if i were to remove it how would it benefit me?


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They look very good to me. I really dunno what kind of advice you're looking for, but if u click into my outdoor journal you're gonna find answers to 90% of your questions.


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For bugs, use Neem oil. You make a spray solution out of it and just spray onto the plants just before the sun goes (or just before it comes up). Don't buy any premade stuff with Neem oil in it, those are worthless. Buy the 100% pure stuff. Do this before any buds form though; spraying anything onto buds = mold. If you spray this stuff on a few times during veg, about once per every 10-14 days, it should protect them.
For animals, not quite sure what wildlife is in your area but maybe a DIY fence around each plant would keep them out. I don't know too much about outdoor growing, someone else probably has a better idea. If all else fails, just search this site for the info, its out there somewhere!
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