Flo # 2 - Austin Hash Plant - Random Seeds


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After a short break I'm just about ready to get at it again! Still buying a few last supplies at the moment but everything should be up and running within a week. Cleaned the tent today and installing a few more things tomorrow.
As the title says, I'm returning to Dark Star in order to try once again. They had so much potential the first time around it wouldn't be fair not to try again. I also have some random seeds that need to be used up, well 4 random ones and a Durban Poison seed which may or may not be dead. My goal is to use what I learned the first time around while trying some new things, like LST, more additives, new humidifier, etc. Ideally I will end up with 2 Dark Stars and 1 or 2 of the random seeds growing to harvest, the rest will just be tossed out. I'll be picking up the Dark Star clones once the seeds have a little headway. Excited to be back! Now for the specs:
Indoor grow with Promix HP + 40% perlite added (as compared to 30% last grow)
Plants start in solo cups and eventually will end up in 5 gallon containers.
1 x 600W MH (Growbright brand I think) in a simple $25 wing reflector.
New 3 gallon Honeywell humidifier to cool the room with.
Tent is 4.5'x4.5'x7' but actually a little smaller due to framework and negative pressure.
No pests other than a rare spider here or there.
Using same nutes as last time unless they expire or I run out.
For ventilation, I have a 590 CFM inline fan sucking through a carbon filter, 1 X 16" oscillating fan blowing a few inches above the canopy and 1 x 6" fan blowing from the corner towards the inline fan with the main light source being between these two.
First post time! Dropped these seeds about 26 hours ago and they all sank, fingers crossed! The left cup has the Durban Poison seed and the right cup has the 4 random seeds
Gonna try and pick up the Dark Star clones today, time willing. For now, check out these little guys/gals! And on a side note, my temps are maxing out at 86F now. Thinking of buying an LED panel finally to make conditions more stable, 86 is just too hot
I'm looking at the Mars II LED Grow Light 700W now. All I need to know is how much heat is thrown off of the LED compared to my MH/HPS because I need to reduce room temps. Can anyone help here? My current lights increase temps by 16F, from 70F to 86F
Well you got everything undercontrol forsure everything is look awesome. I can offer you a little info on led I have a 100x3 watt and on the heat side if my room is sitting at 72 on the outside my light is running about 75 I put attached where the lead is touching the glass and another on the back. Now this is only 3w diodes and 100 of them so your 700 watter will run a little hotter forsure either way though Ive seen people replace their mh/hps and normally around 7 degrees.
Been a few days, 2 seedlings are doing fine and 1 is a strong grower. The last random seed and the Durban Poison are no where to be found. I dug up the promix to try and find the seeds but they were just gone, so it's officially down to these 3 seedlings now. You can see I'm starting off the LST early ;)
The Durban Poison is gone unfortunately :( But 3 seedlings is fine by me! I did break down and buy the Mars 700W so its time to test out a new light! Once it arrives of course hehe. We got 5-6 inches of snow last night here so temps are down a bit for now luckily
Good luck with your DarkStar Stealth

I was disappointed with mine, I have grown her 3x. It's good and grade A, but nothing close to it's top 10 strain rating.

I would blame myself, but some other plants from the same grow were AAA.

Maybe they needed another week or two, but normally when the rest of the plants are ready the whole room gets the axe.

good luck and happy growing
Thanks Hash Hound. I'm trying to be the best grower I can so anything that gives me trouble, I will revisit. And this being my second time around things should go well. I decided I'll pick up the clones once I set up the new LED panel and give it a whirl. I'm also curious to see how the seeds turn out too, hoping for females :)
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