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So, this is my first grow :)

I have been researching for a few months now but am OPEN to all help! These first few are just to get my feet wet, random seeds I collected over the years. I have ordered some good seeds, but dont want to practice on them.


Tent: 2.5' x 2.5' x 5' tent, from Fusion Hut.
Light: 400w (180w actual draw) mars ii led, from MarsHydro
**in veg: 18 hours on / 6 hours off **
Ventilation: 4" in-line fan and carbon filter
Nutrients: general organics "go box"
Watering: RO PH'd to 5.8-6.2, when soil is dry to 1" depth
Strain: NFC ~ 3 random seeds from a coffee can full I have collected over 24 years.
Medium: gopro organic soil (75%) / perlite (or vermiculite?) (25%)
Environment: 27c day / 22c night | 47%-52%RH (avg)

-3 seeds germinated successfully and planted sept 7. 3/4" tap root, buried 1/2" from surface in organic soil & perlite mix. 2 are weak and leaning, one stalk thinned.
-2 weak ones plucked sept 20th. 2 more seeds germinated.
-2 new seeds planted sept 25, 3/4" tap root, buried 1/2" from top in 500ml containers.
-Transplanted first plant from yogurt container (500ml) to a 2gal pot sept 26.
-Fed first plant its first nutrients, used go box directions at 20% strength. Still got almost immediate nutrient burn on a few leaves. Will wait longer for next plants and mix to 10% strength. I think the nutrients in the organic soil are enough for seedling stage to at least this point.

Will post some pics once i figure out how to :)

I see alot of light escaping my tent, from the zipper and all the seams. Meaning light can get in, nad for flowering. Tent is in my closet, should I cover it, or get a better tent?
High SewStoned

If your seeds are coming up weak and leaning it means they aren't getting enough light. I would suggest using a couple of CFLs no more than 2" above them to get them started. 23W - 5000 - 6500K work great to get them off to a good start. The LED will be great once they have a couple sets of true leaves but I've seen a lot of babies getting fried or coming up spindly when started under them. I rock my plants with HID lights once they are vegged from the start with fluoros.

You certainly don't need to feed nutes for some time with the soil you have. If you start them in smaller pots and move up as they grow you may not need anything but flowering nutes once they are big enough to flower.

General Organics/General Hydroponics are owned by Scotts Miracle Grow/Monsanto now so not on my shopping list. I did buy one of those "Go Boxes" a few years ago but wasn't impressed tho I'm not much into growing. ProMix with hydro nutes or good old DWC with the same nutes work best for me.

Hi Sew Stoned! Welcome to :420:!

Good idea starting with bag seeds, I did the same and got lucky with 3 of 3 ladies. You will wAnt to take some clones when they are big enough to check their sex, you can either flip the mothers or clones to 12/12, just make sure you note which is which. You may want to skim my alien abduction journal....? I asked a lot of questions and got lots of help which may be helpful to you.

The light escaping is more important in flower. I've seem people, like stage cover his tents with a tapestry or something else, that might be the way to go...?

Rock on!


Hi SewStoned, glad you've started a journal. I'll sub up for the grow and see how it goes. We're here to help, as well as to enjoy a good amount of bud pics in return. Good luck...

I agree with weenmeoff, a simple tablecloth or dark bedsheet will be more than adequate. Zippers on most grow Tents eventually show some light, as mine do, and I've not had any problems... :)wood:) but to be safe I'd cover it up.

*You need at least one lumen of light to initiate or continue vegetation phase* if I remember correctly, and that's why plants still flower under moonlight. Take this nugget with a grain of salt since I'm not entirely sure.

Keep up the good work and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Thanks much for replies!

I think the thinness of the first 3 was me learning "noob grower lesson 1" which was too much water the first few days. The two i plucked limped over and thinned right under the leaves within a few minutes of water. Now I dont even look until the soil is dry a good inch+, even there if its dark, moist and cool I will leave it alone longer until its warmer and dryer. I think thats what I need to do to encourage them to reach out and grow a solid root system.

The one plant from the first three has always been small and slow, really didnt think she'd get this far.

The next two still havent popped up from the soil.

I did start my plants originally under 4 23w 5500 + 2 23w 2700 cfl's at about 12". I did that until my light arrived.

Should I add a couple cfl's for a while now then? Shut off my LED altogether or run them combined? Or just run the LED and see where it goes?

I have time before I switch to flower so I will put off the light escape problem for now.

September 29, 2016

Lights came on 8am as set. Soil is very dry, much deeper than 2", watering all with RO water ph'd to around 5.8-6.2, no nutrients.

The first plant is doing good!

I THINK(?) that's the 3rd node... so hesitantly I top it. (God I hope that's right....) Will wait a day or two to recover to remove the lower foliage below this first top to manifold(?).

Still no sign of the 2 new seeds that sprouted and were planted 4 days ago. Soil was dry and I watered today, but I don't have a lot of hope for these bag seeds...

So I broke into the seeds I ordered...

And I have (all from crop king seeds) a Blueberry Regular (hope for a male, for my son in law who wants one for his females), Early Miss Auto, and the one I really want, Dutch Treat all germinating. As per crop king seeds instructions they spent 3pm - 8am (18 hours) in water (sunk to the bottom) and are now in the paper towel!

If the two seeds I planted on the 25th pop, I will continue to grow them as a side project just under CFL's out in my shop. I will keep the first one that's already going and the 3 from crop king for inside my tent.

Any advice on manifolding? Anyone? Just go with the video tutorials on youtube?
Yes they are in my shop inside a dark, warm cabinet :)

And manifold / mainline / fluxing etc, where as you top and trim the plant essentially draws all its resources from one central point (T) and control the size and number of top colas. Basically at this first top I will remove everything now but the two new tops, which will be LST into a T section, eventually those 2 tops will be split, giving 4 tops, and so forth...

I "think" the idea is it more evenly disperses resources as its all evenly split down to the first top (T), whereas otherwise you have one main stalk that is fed off by all the other stalks, which can end up with uneven growth / distribution.

I think...?

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September 30

Nothing amazing, took some lower foliage of #1. 1 of the 2 seeds put into dirt on the 25th is just breaking soil, no sign of the other.

All 3 crop king seeds have sprouted small tails! Keeping them warm and dark another day+ to get a good tap root.


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Im enjoying!!! I saw Light Addicts video (part 1) buy cant find the others :(

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Each of those suggestions I posted is an actual link to the journal.
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