SewStoned's First Grow - Random Seeds

There's not a rush to help with expanding the roots, they'll find they're way in the extra day or two It takes to dry the pot. These young plants are going to like the 50-60% Rh... It's always a task to get things tuned in, and right where you want it. Keep up the excellent progress, you'll have it all set in stone soon...

KiG :green_heart:cheers


I'm in the process of designing a cabinet to replace my tent before this grow is (successfully?) flowered. These will be here, but I want something a bit taller, and easier to control.

I'm going with 8' tall (top foot closed off for ventilation, I will draw through the center of the cabinet roofs, through the filter, and out. It will be 32" deep (2.5' inside) and 8 feet long. It will have 2 separate 2.5x2.5x6' (inside) cabinets each with a Mars ii 400 which I will build a rail system dado'd into the walls to raise / lower the lights, so the only cord inside will be the power cord. In between those will be 2 cabinets stacked on top of each other, the lower one will be taller, with a small Mars reflector for veg, the top smaller one will be a large pullout drawer like cabinet with cfl's for clones. I like the idea of only being 6-8 weeks between yields and all enclosed together. The lowest 1' will be a humidifier and air intake / filter and small heater which will vent into the veg and flower cabinets from the floor controlled by sliding dampers. Might extend an extra foot for shelves at one end for nutrients n equipment, etc.

Boy that was a ramble...

I saw a similar tent, but I dislike mine, a lot, and don't want 3 tents and a dome to do the same thing... Yeah I don't like the tent setup at all... I want something solid :)

Anyway, here was where I started...

That's going to be alot of work, but would be totally awesome...if you can picture it, you can build it. I'd like to see assembly pics when you decide to begin construction.

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Will be doing that for the DIY threads when I get to it. Right now I am taking pictures as I go making a kief box... will make a thread for that as I have like.... a square meter of 105 micron screen to use up... But that side project is going very nicely... Just making a practice box for now so I can batch out a bunch later. I spoke to the owner of the local hemp store and he would LOVE to have something locally made to sell, so we'll see how it goes.
October 14, (Day 12)

YES! Random's second FIM is definitely gonna pull through! I got 2 definitive tops growing from that, but I definitely wont trim that low again as it took FOREVER to recover. So I have the 2 main branches I left, and at that knuckle I have the new tops, pulling three one way and two the other.

Dutch has me worried... growing like a damn but the base of her stem is soooo thin.... it thickens up nicely about an inch up so.... :(
Early Miss is Itty Bitty.
Blueberry is doing fine as well.

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