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So I am still quite new, but I love to experiment (mess things up...).

This is my second grow, and the first just started. This project is just for fun and I have no expectations from it.


Garbage Can (found in alley down road from my house) $0
13x14x3/4" piece of plywood (scrap wood from old project) 0$
5x Lamp End Plugs (salvaged from an old bad reno job) 0$
Old Cheap Extension Cord (Got a whack in a drawer) 0$
6 Marrets for wiring (Got a drawer full from over the years) 0$
3x 23w 5500k CFL Bulbs (Leftover from last box we got for the house) 0$
1x 13w 5500k CFL Bulb (Leftover from the box before the last box we got for the house) 0$
1x 26w 2700k LED Bulb (Gift from my son in law) 0$
13"x14" Piece of Tinfoil (stole from the cupboard) 0$
Old Power Bar (From a drawer full of crap) 0$
Iphone Power Block & Cord (From a phone long since... dropped in a toilet?) 0$
Old computer fan (From an old computer protecting my floor from the falling dust) 0$
Timer for lights (Stolen from one of my daughters old lizard aquariums) 0$
2Gal Bucket, 500ml Container (Leftover from the garden this year) 0$
Random Bag Seed (From a can I've collected over 2 decades) 0$
TOTAL COST TO BUILD: 0$ (If my wife doesn't value my time, why should you?)

Currently @ 108w between all the bulbs
Medium: GoPro Organic Soil
Environment: Dry & Warm (It's a shop)
Nutrients: General Organics GoBox (Because I already have it)
Water: RO (PH'd to 5.8-6.2)
Light Cycle 18/6 Veg : 12/12 Flower (Will Replace the 5500 CFL's with 2700 CFL's at flower, cost of >$15)
Everything Else: Im Guessing

So to start... Cut the plywood to fit inside the lid under the rubber seal it has. 13"x14". I hollowed out the middle portion of the plywood with a router to better fit the depth of the lamp sockets.


Installed and Wired the lamp sockets.


Added light bulbs


Screwed in the plywood and glued rubber seal back onto lid, test fit:


Plug it in...


And add a plant...


How it will look sitting in my shop...


K, that's it for today. In the next couple days I will drill some holes in the back and wire in the fan, power bar and timer.

You're going to want some sort of exhaust fan with 5 bulbs going.. I would bleach the inside of that puppy, and apply an inner layer of white paint for shits and giggles. #couldnthurt
Wifes got it soaking and she bought a can of flat white paint called "chantilly lace" that just makes me think of panties.

As I said I'm adding a big oc fan exhausting out at the back up near the lights.

The holes in the bottom I will cover with scrub pads and will draw in cool air from the concrete floor.

Sounds good! :) The only other suggestion I would have is to try threaded mylar tape instead of that black duct tape. In my experience the tape becomes loose when exposed to prolonged heat..
October 12, (CanDay 6)

Did another thorough clean and disinfecting of the clan. The seam along one side was slightly separating so I used reflective tape on the inside to keep the light in and the can incognito! Also added a layer of reflective tape to the bottom of the can where it had gotten rusty. Cute little thing!

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