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Hello everyone

I am completely new here but have been following for some time now. I've always wanted to do a small grow of about 2-3 plants but never got around to ordering seeds or any of that. Recently however I came across some bag seeds and gave germinating a shot with them. I began with 6 seeds in total and a few days later I had some roots. Gave them a nice home with some soil and got myself 2 healthy seedlings out of the 6 I began with. So here it goes...

Strain: Unknown
Germinated: Sept 10th 2015

2ft x 2ft x 5ft Panda Film Tent
x1 T-5 Grow Light
Mini USB Fan (will be upgrading real soon)

3 Gallon Pots
Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil
(NO added nutrients yet)

Hi, Welcome to the 420. Between this site and google, you will be able to get any info you need. There are a lot of good people here.
Just a heads up, if you need to post a problem give all the info that you can. Pics will help a lot ! I'm sure someone will answer. Good Luck, :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
Great job. I use fox farm soil also. You can't lose with that stuff. Fox farm grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom rock. My buddy's plants are 10 feet tall grown outdoors using this stuff. He follows it up with cha Ching for a week before flush and they went nuts. He just harvested about 10 lbs. His is medicinal so he is loving it. Good luck!
Updating today after my ladies (hopeful) spent their first whole day in new 3-gal pots, tent, and t-5 light. The larger of the two plants is showing some yellow spotting on the lower leaves today but other than that both seem to have stretched their leaves a bit over night.

I'm hoping the yellowing is just minimal shock from changing pots and the roots getting fresh soil. The only other major change was the tent reached a new high for the plants of 70% humidity last night. Temp is remaining the same...about 82-84f. I still have yet to add any additional nutrients.

A couple pics to keep everyone updated on the progress. From what I can tell everything seems to be going well. I've added in a cfl bulb in a small reflector to continue getting good light on the lower leaves since this small t5 i'm working with is loosing light penetration as my leaves continue to grow.

In addition, during this few weeks battling with heat/humidity in socal, I've decided to drop in a booster fan exhaust. I picked up a 6" 220cfm booster fan and some ducting and rigged up an exhaust vent in the side of my tent with some extra panda film and some filter sheets. Also used an extra filter sheet to make a passive intake along the lower backside of my tent. The fan still pulls in the sides of my tent even with the new intake and bottom of the door unsealed so I'm hopeful it will do a decent job pulling through a carbon filter when the time comes.

Other than the above I've just been watering about every 3-4 days now in the 3 gallon pots and still haven't added any extra nutrients except for some new soil to top of the pots and stabilize the plants base a little more as they get bigger. So thats all for today's post. If anyone has some input let me know. Make it a great day everyone :rollit:

Happy Friday everyone!

Just finished myself a bowl of breakfast and cracked the tent this morning to snag some pics to keep everyone updated.

Today is officially 1 month since the seeds broke the surface. To celebrate I acquired some new items for my grow. New to the setup is another CFL reflector and larger air circulating fan (the tiny usb fan was no longer moving enough air). With the second CFL and the t5 grow light I was seeing a spike in the average tent temp by about 5 degrees bringing my tent up to about 90f. The larger fan has brought temps back down but to only about 86-88f. Since the cfls have gone in to get light to the sides and bottom of the plant I'm getting quite a bit more growth on the lower nodes.

I also added another timer to help with the new cfls and mounted all my electrical to a peg board inside the tent. I'm a little concerned with the small lights on the power strip and timers during dark periods. I did cover them with some duct tape for now but does anyone see a problem with the little light these emit during my dark period???

I will be transplanting my plants into their final 5 gallon pots today hopefully after the soil has settled a bit after the watering I did this morning. I'm hoping to create a higher nutrient soil mix for this final transplant (something along the lines of a light super soil) in addition I plan to begin watering every other cycle with a herbal or compost tea.

Need Help With Yellow Spotting!

So its been a few days with the new additions to the tent (added cfl and larger fan) and I'm experiencing some yellow spotting on many of the leaves as well as some leaves drying up. Most leaves drying up seem to be at the bottom of the plant however a few at the top have some tips going dry. One plant has been drooping a lately as well.

The only additional change besides the cfl and fan was I watered this last time around with distilled water as oppose to the purified drinking water they've been getting. I also topped both plants last night. the yellowing was showing up prior to the topping but this morning the yellowing and drying up seems to have spread more around the plant.

I am getting ready to transplant into 5 gallon pots with a new mixture of soil. I feel the soil in the smaller pots might have become to compact. The products I'll be mixing are:
1. FF ocean Forest
2. Perlite
3. Espoma Plant- Tone
4. Espoma Dolomite Lyme

I'd like to know if anyone has any input on the yellowing and drying leaves as well as any additional products I might add to my soil mix. I'm hoping to find some good worm castings locally to add but any other suggestions I'd gladly take.

Here are some photos of the yellowing and dried leaves. The last two are the locations the plants were topped after 24hrs.

Still looking for help with Yellow Spotting!

Hello fellow growers!

So I recently left for the weekend on vacation and before so I was able to transplant into the larger 5gal pots. The soil I mixed for these larger pots included a mix of FF ocean forest, espoma plant tone, and espoma dolomite lyme. I mixed the contents in a 5gal homer bucket....moistened and let stand covered for a day. Before potting I mixed the soil in the bucket once more, potted the ladies and gave them a good watering before leaving. A friend checked in once in a while to make sure all was good...temperatures in the tent ramain between 82-86 and humidity has dropped some as it cools off here in Cali to around 35-45%.

I am still however noticing yellow spotting and drying up leaves. Seemed to be only the lower leaves before I left but now that I'm back it seems to be spreading further up the plants. Growth doesnt seem to be stunted as the topping areas I did before leaving have some great growth happening.

I'm thinking my soil mix may be to hot given I didn't give it much time to sit and cure, however I'm still open to some other ideas of any who may have had similar spotting and such. I'll include some photos as soon as I get home.
I don't do soil, so take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like a PH problem.

Thank you for your response...I'm really open to any suggestions since this is my first grow I feel i'm kinda poking around in the dark so anything helps.
High Itsbrianyo

I'm no dirt farmer but you don't have much to worry about. A few bad leaves do not a problem make. Many older leaves just give up once they've done their job.

Personally I'd be topping those plants and making new ones with the cuttings. Get them to bush out and really produce. If flowered now you'll have 4ft sticks with clumps of buds strung out along too much stem.

They look real healthy and in 5 gallon pots could produce an easy 4oz each.

I haven't thought about the cloning, but I would like to keep growing so I'll have to look further into that and the process.

There both getting up to about 16 inches tall so I'm thinking of either trying some LST or just flipping to flower since I only have so much head room left for them to grow.

High Itsbrianyo

I'm no dirt farmer but you don't have much to worry about. A few bad leaves do not a problem make. Many older leaves just give up once they've done their job.

Personally I'd be topping those plants and making new ones with the cuttings. Get them to bush out and really produce. If flowered now you'll have 4ft sticks with clumps of buds strung out along too much stem.

They look real healthy and in 5 gallon pots could produce an easy 4oz each.

Good morning everyone,

logging on today to update and debut my diy scrog screen. I was getting some good height and decided it might be best to do some last minute training to reserve some head room for flowing. I have obtained a sun system 150w HPS I will be flowering under along with a few CFLs which is also why I needed slightly more room up top in my tent.

From there not much but some good growth has gone on. I still have yet to add any additional liquid nutrients but do change out about 1 inch of top soil with a fresh mix to keep some nutrients coming. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to throw any pointers or suggestions my way!

Heres a quick snap of the new setup I did today. Hung the new 150w HPS and removed the T5. Below the canopy I have a small vortex fan circulating air from underneath. Also I hung a small usb fan just below the HPS to move air across the bulb. Hopefully this will help keep temps down. I had to remove the 6" duct fan I was planning on using to help exhaust some heat due to lack of space up top in my tent.
Been feeling lately that my growth has slowed since installing the HPS in my last update. I wanted to do some digging and around so I acquired a small soil test kit and literally did some digging around. I took my samples from about 4 inches deep and filtered out a good soil ground for testing. I performed a Ph and NPK test. My results were:

Ph= Slightly acidic (~6.5 on the scale provided in my test)
I did have a few reading that read more neutral/ alkaline (~7.0)
N= Adequate (2 on a scale out of 4)
P= Sufficient (3 on a scale out of 4)
K = This test I couldn't tell if I was getting accurate readings but below is the scale I was given and the directions that come with. When following the directions I noticed a slight cloudiness in the solution but was able to clearly see the dots on each. I'm taking this a depleted supply of potassium but if anyone thinks otherwise please chime in!

After my soil findings I decided to pick up some nutrients and went with the BioBizz Try-Pack
Amazon: Biobizz NA Try-Pack Indoor Fertilizer, 250ml, 3-Pack


The directions asked for 1.5- 3 teaspoons per gallon so for my first watering I went with 1.5 tps and mixed it with one gallon of purified drinking water. I watered with a little over 16oz of the mix and will monitor from here and slowly add 16oz more over the next 24 hrs if needed since I believe the nutrient mixed water will begin to expired after that time.

Moving on...Here's a shot of how things are going so far!


I have decided to replace the HPS with the T5 again. The center of my screen is lacking a bit to me and I'm hoping to boost growth with the higher light spectrum and new nutrients. The climate inside the tent has also been a bit of a rollercoaster lately I feel. I did some re arranging since the last update on ventilation and have removed the small vortex below the canopy as well as relocated my exhaust duct to the ceiling of my tent rather than on the side as before. I still have one 3"x6" passive intake in the lower rear of the tent as well as open seam along the bottom of the tents door. With the 6" booster fan running it creates a bit of negative pressure...sucking in the walls just slightly. Also I added a small diffuser my girlfriend bought for some hippy essential oil ritual. I excluded any oils and went with just distilled water and set it on a 30 seconds on/off setting in hopes to raise humidity a little with the cold/dry weather lately. I was wondering however if adding any oils to diffuser might provide benefits to the tents climates??


...and that's about it for today. Please chime in with any suggestions or really anything really! Till next time Happy Holiday's to everyone!
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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