GlimmerGrass's Maiden Grow - Crop King Seeds' Early Miss Auto Fem in Coir - 2015


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Strain: Early Miss from CKS - Feminized auto flower
60% Indica, 30% Sativa
Started from seed -- seed in water just after midnight August 23
Currently in seedling stage -- just popped between yesterday and today
Medium: Coco coir with 15% perlite
Pot: 3" coco coir pot - will eventually be in 5 gallon Smart Pot
CFL 40w in reflector - on timer, 18 hours on, 6 hours off
In my kitchen at the moment :) Will move to grow box for veg. It's pretty humid and warm right now.
PH 5.5
No pests yet
GH Flora plus CaliMagic

Hey, guys. While I've been a gardener for just over a decade, I've never grown cannabis. This is my first try. It's interesting how much information is out there about this -- almost too much, sometimes, I find it's easy to get confused. Pre germinate or germinate in the medium? Tap root up or tap root down? I guess it's like anything else, you have to get a feel for it yourself.
This was my second attempt at germinating and sprouting seeds. The first time I used too much water in my paper towels and it wasn't warm enough. This time I really let them germinate, maybe a bit more than I should have, in moist paper towels between two plates about 8" away from a 60w incandescent bulb for warmth. Worked like a charm.This photo was taken Tuesday August 25 at 10:30 am.

I put them in coco coir moistened with PH adjusted RO water with CaliMagic Tuesday morning. By Wednesday morning, they looked like this: the left hand seed has sprouted but the seed shell seems to be stuck. The other hasn't emerged. I'm called the left hand plant Scylla and the right hand one Charybdis :)

Wednesday afternoon I removed the seed shell from Scylla and she seems pretty happy now. By 11 pm Charybdis had emerged -- she's low but she's out :)
ive got 2 dwarf low flyer auto fems, at the same stage, almost to the day.
also in coco, and also using GH flora, and calmag.
just wondering if you've fed them yet?
I had to feed mine pretty much from the first leaves. they got real droopy.
Hi, Brewer

Yeah, i did pretty much the same thing, also using GH flora and CaliMagic :)

From the time they appeared above the soil I started using 1/4 tsp FloraMicro, 1/8 tsp FloraGro, 1/8 tsp FloraBloom plus 1 tsp CaliMagic to a gallon of water PHed to 6.0. I've been alternating this with plain water. Seems to be working well.

I'm interested in the dwarf low flyers -- almost picked them as my first grow. Seems like a good strain for small spaces, eh?

I'd love to see some photos of your girls, if you post some!
Hi Glimmer,:goodjob:
Thought I would stop by and peek in your garden. Looks like things here are off to a great start. :bravo:
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