Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss


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Strain is early miss from crop king seeds, I started the plant in a "Spacebucket" but have now moved it to flower in what I call a "BudBrute".

My grow medium is promix mixed with some coco coir and perlite with a handful of dolomitic lime thrown in and mixed up really well.
Cheap 135W UFO LED in bucket, Cheap 180W UFO LED in brute. Warm White LED strips at mid level in both containers for side lighting.
Water is filtered well water that I PH to 6-6.5
3 gallon "smartpot" avg 50% humidity, 82 high temp lows are in the 60's at night with light off
I have good air movement, especially in the brute with a 120mm muffin fan at 100 cfm
18/6 light schedule, And since this is my first try I wanna go simple on the nutes until I learn more so I am using the Dyna-Gro
line foliage pro 9-3-6 and bloom 3-12-6 along with calmag from gen hydro. I feed about twice a week and misted her a few times a day until I got humidity under control (too low) After experimenting with my other unsuccessful grows, I kept the LED about 20" away, closer after it has matured a bit. The plant grows short and stocky, with a very thick strong base. I topped the plant on day 18 and she bounced back like a champ!
She started to smell lil dank on the 3rd week so I went ahead and got a carbon filter and 4" duct system with 190 cfm fan on variable speed. I must say I was impressed there is no odor at all now and with a bigger area to grow in, I am at day 33 above ground as of today and I think I might be in the preflower stretching part of the grow, she's really growing now, like an inch a day.
pics to follow
re: Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss

Beginning Progress..



This is day 3 from seed to right before she got topped

I gotta give a shout out to thebeast27 and glimmergrass for their excellent posts that I followed :cheer:
re: Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss

That's f-ing sweet! I just built one out of a garbage can for one of my girls. I'm liking the LEDs no heat. Very nice indeed.
This was my creation, maybe I should put them into my bucket tent instead. They don't really do much for under growth, which was my goal.

re: Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss

nice! BudBrute, i love it.

subbed in for this one
re: Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss

Lol I got bored and built this.
old aluminum garbage can
top is a aluminum taped drywall
vegetative 6500k LEDs
add a 2700k bulb/s for flower.
I made this for my pet project plant.

Haha the joys of a.d.d/minor ocd.
Lil bucket for veg and brute for flower is what I want to end up doingn so I can grow two plants at once :)
If I get a zip off them that'll last me couple months lol
I think any closer than 10-12 inches I could risk burn so I'm using spacers, the whole time in veg bucket it was only maybe 5 or 6" tall, tons of roots and thick stems
More pics coming later thx for stopping by morning wood yah the whole grow
Pics from day 33 still stretching I'm thinking 1 more grow feed then rest of feedings will be bloom nutes supplement w/a lil kelp and or molasses til flush bloom is 3-12-6
Placed in bud brute on day 30 so today is almost to the 1/2 way point tho we'll see..
So, the topping looks like it should give me 6!! Main colas & maybe couple small more?
Most ppl think you shouldn't top autos a lot of u guys convinced me :)
Should I be worried about a lil clawing From airflow?
It's amazing to watch the day by day changes &
I'm happy to b here with y'all fine folk united by :love: 4 cannabis

Hey, SqueekToi!

I love seeing grows in Space Buckets (also like your name "Bud Brute") -- they look so futuristic! Like Stanley Kubrick planted them or something ...

And of course I love Early Miss :) I smoked some just a bit ago and I am flying now -- she's a really heavy hitter for me! Always a bit trippy :) So excuse my stoned ramblings -- bring on flowering!

United By Cannabis, indeed!

Day 35, 12.5" tall seeing lil flowers :)
Still sticking to plan on nutes like Atrain auto grow cycle so that'll have me dosing bloom nutes at week 5
After that I won't have a clue lol except ride it out this strain supposed to finish 70 days but I know if I want best yield plan a lil longer :)
Any advice tips etc much appreciated good folks
I'll be starting 1 auto jack herer in a couple days in space bucket so if I time it right when missy finishes in budbrute jack will b ready to go in it..


My close up shots suck gotta work on that lol
What kind of promix did you use in your medium? Atrain's feeding schedule is great for a guide but make sure to keep an eye on your plants reaction. He uses promix Bx which had zero nutrients in it to begin with, most the promix I see people using is the organic Potting or vegetable soil mix. If that's the case your soil had a certain amount of nutes already,and Atrain's schedule will be skewed. Keep up the updates.

If you have promix Bx or Hp then all is fine and dandy with the current feeding schedule.
I'm sure that extra airflow would benefit her greatly, if you have the resources and craftsmanship to install a intake and exhaust (can't tell what your fan is doing). Intake at the bottom and exhaust at the top. Also a small personal fan that you could tape to the inside to lay a breeze over her foliage would prevent alot of your symptoms.
So glad to see your comments snid its pro-mix all purpose planting mix red bag from canada good to know now about the bx :)
I'm not using his feed schedule or nute type Im trying out dyna gro liquids just 2 along w/ cal mg
Feed every 3 days
I was going by his post about the life cycle of autos, sorry
I think airflow good now more pix later !
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