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Trim leaves? So light penetrates interior


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My two plants are flowering, they are solid bushes and light cannot penetrate to the interior where there are lots of buds. I have read a lot of information and get mixed signals. I liked one suggestion that said do not remove because the leaves are like solar panels and you dont want to remove your source of gathering energy. But then people said to remove to the buds them selves get more direct light. So well I did remove a hand full or more from each plant to open it up more. I am guessing this is where SCROG comes in great so you dont have to remove anymore leaves?


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I really think that the extra fans will produce the energy the lower buds need. But light penetration plays a big role in this.

I would take a day to evaluate the trimming needed, then only cut half what you were going to and wait a day and finish up what needs to be done(they will move around that night).

But if you have strong light, I would leave it ;-) get it? LEAVE it.. lol


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SCROG has nothing to do with removing leaves. It's a way of growing utilizing a screen. In a true scrog you remove more plant material than most normal grows as you remove anything not reaching then screen once the stretch is over. I personally remove a few leaves here and there but do my best not to do it during flowering. Every action one takes has a reaction from the plant. I don't want to take a chance and get a negative reaction. Plus more solar sites means more energy to grow bud IMO. This is just my way of doing things though and you'll find that there are as many ways of doing things as there are growers.lol

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A lot of good info on both sides growing is learning I done both I like taking only a few off I’ve went the other got good buds leaving the leaf not only do you get good Yield but the taste is so much better
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