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Two Arrested Dumping Leaves

Jim Finnel

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Two men who were in the act of ridding themselves of plastic bags full of cannabis plant leaves were interrupted by Chateauguay police on March 8.

Chateauguay police at about 8:30 p.m. that evening noticed a white van parked not far from the dry materials depot on Chemin St-Bernard. Two men were busily empting their vehicle of plastic bags which seemed to be full of earth.

In moving closer, however, police detected a cannabis odor which gave them sufficient cause to search the bags which were still inside the vehicle.

"Inside the bags, the police agents discovered leaves coming from cannabis plants," related Chateauguay police spokesperson Nathalie Langevin. She added that the producers of hydroponic cannabis often get rid of leaves in this manner and keep only the essentials.

In all, the police officers put their hands on 1.2 kilograms of leaves.

The two men, both LaSalle residents aged 32 and 39, will face charges of possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. They were released on condition that they will appear in court.(Tr: D.R.)


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I was reading several cases on drug possession the other day and came across a couple in which the defendant was acquitted because the court found there was no "possession"; the suspect only had temporary custody of the drug for the purpose of disposing of it and therefore didnt have the requisite intent for criminal possession. I would check with a good 4th amendment atty on this one, it raises a few issues.....


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I think you missed the point of my statment...I wasnt refering to the fact that the leaves had thc in them and there for making them considered to be marijauna I was refering to the fact that one could be arrested for the possession of a plant period in other words the fact that its rediculous that marijuana be illegal. because like I stated before its just a plant...so I stand by my statement...........blastphamy


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its sad you can be arrested for pssession of leaves isnt it...............blastphamy

NO !! Its sad they can get arrested for throwing it out. LOL
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