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Wait a minute - Free lights and other stuff

Gringo Chile

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I have seen posts where people are talking about free lights from light companies...I am a very poor person, but I hve 15 years of growing indoors and outdoors- hydro, soil, aquaponics,.etc.

I am from USA but I live in Chile and I am starting a MMJ dispensary here in Vina del mar Chile (BTW Chile is a great place for expats...)

HOW AN I GET FREE lights and other things from companies?????


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Wait a minute....Free lights' and other stuf...

Nobodies giving you free anything... well known respectable growers get the chance to test a grow light in exchange they get to keep the tested product in most cases with most companies... Companies don't tend to just pass out free units all over the place to whoever asks... it tends to be someone they know and trust who will give good results or in the form of a contest on a growing platform so everyone can vote for their favorite grower. I have a very hard time believing someone who cannot afford a light can start a MMJ dispensary. Though if you are good luck and go for HID as it's probably the cheapest to setup in bulk. Companies want credible people who they receive or will have a high probability from receiving business from in the future... not someone creating an account asking how to get free stuff from companies!!!!!!!!!

If you want a shot at a light start you up some grow journals on a forum with advertisers and be sure to draw attention to your grows and whenever someone is having a contest you'd probably have a better shot of getting in the entry.
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