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Was I duped?


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Hey guys,
I bought a few seeds from Nirvana shop a few years ago, maybe 2009. I ordered Aurora indica seeds. I was always fascinated by a pure indica plant seeing that I was used to growing mostly hybrids in my country.
Unfortunately the plants never came to bearing flowers due to some landlord issue I had, but here's my real concern. The plants died when they were about 2 months old, but by this they were almost 5 feet tall, I mean one long stalk I'm the middle and no branches. And never seemed like it was even half ready to develop flowers.
I have never grown a mature sativa tree as tall as those teenagers were. And because I was in Jamaica, I never considered my indica trees to be pure either although they all fit the characteristics of a pure indica strain. These seeds that I was so eager to get ahold of, which had me licking my lips for that reputed "couchlock effect" had me puzzled as to wtf was really happening.
It's been a while and I have land for myself, but I'm afraid of buying online because I have been thinking all these years if I was really duped or I had a super indica strain or something. I mean the site is awesome though because I received my seeds on time and I received an awesome hemp wallet which I keep as a souvenir. But I need some help on this, could it have been a mistake? Does this happen a lot??


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hello. i was gifted a couple clones of this strain, from an outdoor plant, several years ago. it was the strongest, i have ever grown. very dank. it was a aphi pheno, i think. short, very dense, very gooey, with a large central cola, surrounded by a crown of colas. i wish i still had her. as far as niranna goes, i have had nothing but terrific luck with their gear. no problems. high germ rates, and if i had a qwestion, they were there for me. i had grown, aurora, ice, blackberry, papaya, full moon, black jack. the tastiest, was ice. biggest yield, was black berrie. but, i popped only one fem seed, each. i still have four left, of each one. lol. if it were me, id order some more of what you had. nirvanna, and thier gear, are a good choice. and, reasonably priced.
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