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I made a thread the other day, and thought I came to a conclusion. I was debating between phosphorus and nute lock. Then I decided to take a look under my 5 gal, and noticed she had 1/4 inch roots sticking out, so I added a second pot under her with 1/4 soil. That was yesterday. So it still could fix my problem, but obviously it would take a few days. Although Her condition seems to be getting worse, Any ideas?

I had thought bleaching, but most of the plant would be covered and damaged like these leaves.
its 4-6 leave's with the affected problem, and generally half way to 3/4 up the plant.
Shes 7 weeks through, and flowering. People say I shouldn't worry cause im so close to done,
but her nugs are far from dense, far from full, far from developed. She's making progress, but this health issue definitely is impacting the rate of her development. And I would hate to see her die 2-4 weeks prior to harvesting. Anyone have any ideas? Temperature sits in the 70's, And she's been given fox farm trio feedings since she was two weeks old. Humidity is fine, constant airflow, etc. etc.

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