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What are these strains and are they ready to harvest?


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I'm pretty sure this will be considered weed porn :Namaste:

I'm growing outdoors in South Africa, since 27 July 2015. All from bagseed. Some weed I bought was labelled by the dealer as "skunk, swazi, ect". Most of it was just "local" or weed I didn't know the name off. I have 15 or so plants left, almost ready for harvest (I'm also not sure If they're ready or not). I noticed at-least 6 different strains in my yard. I wont link the pictures of the plants that don't have fully developed heads. Even if someone can just tell me, if their indica/sativa/hybrid and how you reached that conclusion, that'll be fine. But if someone can give me the exact stain names, or closest guess, that would be better :). Also, are these plants ready for harvest? I only use the pistil method so far. Personally, I want a fully developed head, not really worried about narcotic or stimulating affects, I just wanna harvest at the time that the heads will get us most high.
Strain 1

Strain 2

Strain 3

Strain 4

Strain 5

Strain 6

These are the first Sativas I planted. :love: Thy



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:) wow okay, :D are all these mostly sativa? I assumed strain 1 was an/more indica. It was around 7 -8ft tall? Thanks :) Mexican and Jamaican sounds awesome. It's illegal to grow here so I don't know any other growers. And dealers lie and mix weed all the time.


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