What is a good organic bloom fertilizer?


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I've read on here somewhere and been told that seaweed extract is good to use as an organic blooming fert am I correct? The NPK rating on the seaweed extract I found at the local J-Mart store here has too high N to be suitable for flowering. Can anyone recommend a nice organic fertilizer I could use for flowering? Would blood and bone work ok? Is fish emulsion better for veg?

Seaweed tea extract and Fish emulsion are decent to use. However I wouldnt rely only on the two. I would like to tell you what exactly to go get but I cant, because theres just so many good products out there. Although let me tell you this, If I was you I would look into Fox Farms. Now you cant just go get their products from walmart so youll have to make a trip to a nursery. If you have the money I would go with the whole organic line.

Cheers SG :)
Fox Farms are available at a nursery are they? Also looking for Earth Juice if that's available, after some reading up on here in the OverGrow FAQs section ;-)
Otherwise I'll just try local hydro stores, see if they have any organic nutes or if they can order some in for me. Saves me having to buy online and use my CC .. dont like paper trails..
I've figured out I won't be able to use just 1 or 2 organic ferts for my organic grow, bugger it. I'm always looking for the easiest and cheapest way to do things ya see :p it's all goood
i've found alaska mor-bloom at several garden shops 0-10-10
it appears to be organic fish emulsion and rock phosphate and someother thing that i thought was omri certified

dont have the empty bottle to check but i wouldn't worry about on line just
+buy organic bloom formula and some other flowering goodies
[blossum end rot juice or violet food from a non hydro store]

try gardens alive or groworganic both web sites

grow organic ihas a huge catalog and serves the big organic farmers in addition to home garden folks [if your grow is big enough to need a tanker truck of organic ferts you can get it here
but the sizes of their organic veggies seed packs seem small to me i gotb better deals on seeds by weight from nichols garden nursery up in oregon]
the real name is peaceful valley farm supply but the website is groworganic.com the paper catalog has great reference charts on
organic certification of many many ferts and also for organic pest control i think they still carry earth juice and they have bat guanos and many other goodies the old school soil folks talk about
Thanks for the replies everyone :) I'll be making a trip to a few nurseries probably in a couple of weeks when I can afford to. Unfortunately the closest nursery to where I live is a 10-15 minute drive :(

I hope they carry this product in Australia!

ps, I seriously spent like 20 minutes in a supermarket trying to decide between the cheap Fish Emulsh $4 or so for 500ml bottle, and the Yates brand being just over $7 for the same size bottle. I ended up going with the Yates brand because it supports Landcare Australia and it has a higher concentration of seaweed vs water ;)
try groworganic.com get nutes and some good tools or veggies seeds

look for the high P bat guano if you do soil i've used foxfarm
and like it but don't find it as often as i'd like....
Feed the soil not the plant. Fox Farm Bloom fertilizer is good. SensiZym, Hygrozyme, and BUSHDOKTOR KANGAROOTS root drench will inoculate your roots and break down organic debris and help the plant absorb the nutrients much more easily. Your roots will grow huge and thick and healthy like and old man beard. More root more fruit. I use these products myself along with Advanced Nutrients premium 2 part bloom fertilizer called CONNOISSEUR. The AZAMAX is for pest control and prevention. Not sure if the Conno is organic but these are the products I use as well as the products used by the owners of the hydroponic shop I go to which is stocked with just about every company stock there is. I also recommend ROOTS Organics. These products are expensive but a couple bottles will grow out about 10 plants start to finish. Growing organic is harder because it's more challenging to get good yields and the pests attack your plants like mad if you're not careful....but the end result is the weed tastes SOOOO GOOD and burns so clean and turns white and does not crackle when you smoke it. I grow weed for my own medicinal purposes so this is what I use. Azamax is vegetable based and AN makes nutes specifically for cannabis and hempy or cocoa in 3 or 5 gallon smart pots with a good organic soil mix or even better a soil-less mix would be a good way to grow with these products.
Fox Farm Big Bloom. Fox Farm Big Bloom and a healthy dose of Tiger Bloom

Lets keep it organic like the title suggests... Just keep the FF liquid line out of it....Tiger bloom should not be mentioned, big bloom is close....
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