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What is the Sea of Green Method?


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When transplanting to the 6" square containers do you guys just put the 4" Rockwool cube into the square container but do you place it at the very bottom? and/or what is filled in around the sides of the container? Hydroton? Coco Coir?

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When you put lots of small plants under one light to create a nice even field full of big heads. Due to the high number of plants there is less need to veg. I think by putting 64 clones into a bed of soil with a 600w light. 1 or days veg should be enough to grow 15 ounce +. I have never done this and have no proof its just what i think based on the method i use to SCROG.


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Hope you can give me an advice.

I want to try SoG but not with clones but autos. The reason is I would like to try different strains.

What I need to know is how to make monobuds. I mean 1 respectively tall cola with no brunches.
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