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What was your best ever yield?


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Mine would have to be my first Hydroponic Grow. 3 plants of bagseed
1) 9 OZs
2) 8 OZs
3) 8.5 OZs
It was also the worst smoke I've ever grown as well. Smelled like HAY and smoked pretty much the same.
The closest I've come to those numbers since is a 3 OZ skywalker plant. Remember my growroom is vertically challenged!:3: I can't grow the biguns.
I'm still not sure how I got such high numbers off those bagseeds.:hmmmm:


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What is Dry Seive?

Stix, That bud looked so good, it just goes to show what genetics can do. Bred to yield big and thats it.


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4 OZ off of one 3 foot tall plant indoors.. no trimming, topping, LST'ing, or SCROG'ing - grown organically in soil...

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one year me and a friend grew a whole bunch of crops outside in a swamp with massive sunlight. think the biggest plant gave 7-8 ozs, didnt have time to weight them out before we bagged it up. pounds of dank reeking chronic can get ya kinda paranoid.
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