Whats up Bro's from New Zealand


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Whats up Cuzzies? yeah we here in New Zealand speak english and use mary jane!

Yes i have grown but usually not so talented at it myself. Although i do help out at my friends green house every now and then. I am a strong member within my countries Marijuana community and smoke Marijuana for medical purposes(not legally). I think that there are "Pot Shops" over NZ but i doubt there is such a thing as medical Marijuana within NZ. My reason for smoking Marijuana is because i find it helps my Asthma which my father had and passed it on to me and which i have had all my life. I have also done my own research and discovered that we only smoke marijuana because of the THC in it and that it only takes 2-3 seconds for the human lungs to absorb the THC, any longer we just absorb unwanted chemicals that damage the lungs. Marijuana is the only illegal drug i approve of and use. I hope that all of you feel the same way.

Laterz People
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Here you grow:
Check this hash out guys!
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Chromes Gone Hempy: "Kushberry" + Bagseed/Bagseed Clone: CFLs!
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