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When on the go, what is most essential?


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I know when I hit the road, I have several items that have to go with me. I think the toughest part is finding a good odor proof storage container to hold everything. I prefer something that could possibly fit in my pocket however sometimes that is not possible. I have used JetPack, Cookie Jar, Trove and even a regular old pipe pouch. All had their pros and cons.

When I go I need:

1. Papers with tips, many times you can get this all in one.
2. Grinder
4. Lighter
5. Buds
6. Odor Eliminator

What do you bring with you when you hit the road? What storage container do you find to fit your needs best?

David Bowman

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:welcome: to :420:

When I travel, I pack my VaporGenie Vaporizer and about 7-10 days supply of stash, as well as mulch storage, both entirely odor-free.

Portable Vaping Equipment and Storage - (from left to right) - VaporGenie Vaporizer, Large CNC Aluminum Stash Case, Butane Torch, Mulch Jar -


Piper Case (8"x5"x4") and Large CNC Aluminum Stash Case -


I pre-grind everything I'll need and fill the Stash Case before I leave so I don't need a grinder, less mess that way as well. The Butane Torch also lasts about a week or so on one fill-up so I don't have to bring extra Butane along for the ride. Overall, I'm quite please with this stealthy little set-up. This and some Incredibles edibles and I have all of mine and my wife's cannabis requirements met for up to 10 days.


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Sweet! Thanks for the response.

Definitely will consider grinding up my trees before my trip. That reminds me of a product called G.O.G from Aspendam which is their Grind On the Go device. It has a grinder on top, when you grind it up it stays in the container which has a dispenser on the end for when you are ready to roll up. Holds like 6g of trees I think.

Def will take a look in to everything you pointed out!!

David Bowman

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I should point out that everything but the mulch jar will fit in the Piper Case and it actually works out better that way. It separates the glass jar away from my portable vaping equipment should the jar break. It is easy to wrap with clothes to protect it while the Piper Case is already compact and protective enough to go anywhere on its own. It doesn't have to be a Piper Case, any good case will do, it's just that was the one available from VaporGenie when I bought my vaporizer last year.
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