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When should I start LST on my autos?


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My 1 plant is 17 days old & my other 3 are 9 days old "counting from the time I planted the seeds." When should I LST? And should I wait for my other 3 plants to catch up to the oldest one before I switch to HPS? And when the CORRECT time to switch from MH to HPS bulbs?


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Pics would be great if you can as all plants grow at different rates and stretch at different times. Also what strain is it do you know?
1 is auto-skunk & the other 3 are AFGHAN Skunk... The auto-skunk went into soil on the 1st of the month, and it's on its 3rd set of leaves... It's started with the single leaves, then 3, and it just put out it's 1st set of 5fingered leaves..


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Sounds like you are in good position here is a couple links to check out very helpful...


Topping Autos

LST for Autos

I myself tend toward using LST on my autos as any moment lost to stress is moment gone from growth. And the end results are pretty much the same.

Good luck and happy growing :yummy:
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