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When to change Light schedule


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My plants are a month old just transplanted from solo cup to 1 gal container.Pistals are forming on the stalk and are 5 inches tall.Sorry bag seed. two 60 watt clf lights are in use in veg room 18 -6 light in use. I have two plants in the flowering room a month out of harvest as the pistels are turning brown.Should I stay in veg room or combine all with 12 /12 light program. 600 watt hps @ 50 per cent juce to keep heat down below 90.

Having trouble call the stages of development. Once sex is shown that must be the end of seeding stage? :420:

David Bowman

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Here is how I divide up the grow into stages, FWIW, this is strictly my interpretation of a grow and not based on anything scientific, trust me on that one! ;) ;) The first two are Pre-Vegetative Stages - Germination (From seed until tap root shows) and Sprout (From when tap root shows until it emerges from medium). The next two are Vegetative Stages - Seedling (From when it emerges from medium until the first set of real/true leaves) and Adolescence (From the first set of real/true leaves until it reaches sexual maturity). The last stage is the Flowering/Mature Stage (From when it reaches sexual maturity to death/harvest).
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