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Where can I buy capsules


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I was wondering about making THC capsules with all my stems I have al I can remeber about how to make them is I have to put them into a crockpot or somethign for like 4 hours but I don't know I wana find the capsules before I auctually read more on how to make the THC capsules because I have checked drugstores like shoppers drug mart (Im from CA btw so don't mention those american stores!) btu anyways anyone know places that would sell capsules?


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empty vitamin capsules, cheap, effective, and no ones the wiser


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I bought some recently from an Amazon.com seller. A capsule filling machine and 750 "00" capsules cost a total of $24. Then I went to a health food store and bought some coconut oil. I heated 3 tsp of the coconut oil (solid @ room temp) to 325 degrees (used a candy thermometer) and added 3 grams finely ground herb. Filled capsules with this, and they are awesome. Anywhere from 1 to 3 capsules depending on the person, will give an incredible high.


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Sweet.. Good post,

We used to pack hash in them for something to do and it was great, but i never thought of the coconut oil.
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