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Whoa: mandatory 6 months for 6 plants?

Northern Hydro

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hey my fellow Canadians!
The gov't is trying to pass minimum mandatory sentences while everyone is distracted with covid, I interpret that to mean I can grow 5 , not 4 plants. ..but it's interesting that it also has to be related to trafficking.. Does anyone actually still sell weed in Canada ? Hahaha I grow weed for fun, medication, and to share .so, if I have never obtained a dime and never accept anything in return for my fruit, can I grow more than 5 ?
Quite honestly making money and/or selling weed has never crossed my mind and I would never sell anything, so , can I grow as many plants as I want as long as I stay under maximum storage amounts?

Are there going to be legal limits as to how much wine, beer, spirits a home can contain ?
Has the government lost their faith in humanity ? Haha. I waked and baked don't mind me


Apparently they learned nothing from Harpers foley's " Le sigh.
Sending out good vibes

Northern Hydro

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I'd stick with 4, unless you get your acmpr licence and grow lots for medical purposes.
Agreed, Honestly I don't need more than 4 but it would be nice if the limit was 8, ( 4 in veg and 4 in bloom ) for a little protection from this nonsense and leeway to sucessfully clone , breed , study .
Also, I would only have to have one run 1 a year vs. The perpetual 2+2 I'm currently running .

It's a plant ffs ..tomatoe law !


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I'm a big fan of freedom, our government is slowly chipping away at that. Sock boy just banned 1500 types of firearms as well.
Good idea punish law abiding citizens for the the criminals actions. Criminals aren't buying there guns legally. I guess they didn't learn there lesson last time they tried the National gun registration program it failed miserably and cost tax payers billions. Nice move sock boy!


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You can’t sell weed anymore. Unless it’s to people under 18 ( and if you do that I don’t care if you get caught).Everyone has access to weed now. Now they will stick you for dui if you smell or your eyes are red
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