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BooMs AutoPot Grow Journal

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Strain- Alaskan Thunder F......Hybrid
Veg- 2 Weeks
4x4 tent
Mars TS-3000 light sitting at 24 in above plants
Medium-Coco-hydro stones
Auto pots
27c room temp
30% rh
2- 6in fans
4 in infinity exhaust with carbon filter
Currently watering once per day
Nutes- Advanced nutrients
Coco grow a&b
Cal mag
Voodoo juice.
I haven’t started auto pot yet because I’m waiting for roots to grow deeper to reach water res. So for now I’m top watering.
Nov, 18/19


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They seem to be working well, other then 2 pots don’t seem to refill well. I kinda have to play with the hoses in order for it to fill. I’ve heard you can increase the size of the tubing for more flowage. Did you put bubblers in your res tank? I added 2 bubble stones just to keep the res good and mixed. I’d like to see some pics of your girls.
I Added a small water pump after I ran into problems. The Res started getting a build up of gunk because the nute mix was stagnant. Noticed the level of mix in the Res wasn't dropping and at the time they were really thirsty, 15L a day for 4 plants at their max. I checked my trays and they were all dry! (Panic mode) I had to blow and suck(not recommended if possible GAG!) the lines out. I also started adding Enzymes Komplete to my nute mix to help keep Res and lines clean (half strength or less). Some of my trays also have different fluid levels in them. Not sure if it's just the leveler being a little off or what? Regardless they all seem to be soaking it up! It's defiantly something to keep an eye on!


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