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Will She Ever Swell?


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I'm sorry and I don't want to differ with someone who's better than me, but it's definitely not too much nutrients. She was beautifully Lush and green until about a week after I stopped nutrients. While I was only giving her pH water and molasses, her leaves started to do that.
I'm no better than anyone rj. I'm just a minion like everyone else. Not exactly got the celebrity lifestyle lol. Were all here to learn and share.

I know the web is a precarious place for who you trust about this stuff, but trust me, that's 100% not a deficiency.
Forget what you know for a few minuits and just use logic. Nothing else.
If it was deficit, the remaining leaves would be pale and yellow, not dark green, which they are. That indicates too much N. Pretty much the only thing that causes it.
Serious problems from deficits take weeks to appear and don't look like that. They certainly don't fry the leaves like that iether.
Think about it, it doesn't make sense for so much damage to be caused from a lack of something.
N Def gives you yellow leaves
P Def gives you purple plants
K Def I can't remember to be honest but it's not that.
Mag Def gives you blotchy leaves
Cal Def can give loads of wierd side effects usually accompanied by rust spots.
Iron Def is a yellowing in the top growth.
What else could it be a lack of?

Think about how the light hits it aswell, if it was anything to do with the light that's not how it would effect it. Random leaves all over the place and at almost a foot down from the top by the look of it, with all the rest of the stuff right beside the friers getting away almost Scot free.
If the lights were doing that damage further down, the tops would be completely destroyed by now. And also, I use those lights but the 600w version. They just don't do that to plants. You'd have to have them right down at the canopy to cause damage anywhere near that. If they could do that at 18 inches they'd be worth a hell of a lot more money lol.

So, one can presume the damage was done long before the flush started and it's just a coincidence that it got worse as the flush continued.
My guess, without knowing what you've been upto for the last 3 months, is that you were feeding it too strong which eventually boiled the pot and fucked with the pH. Common problem when you don't or can't feed regularly enough for whatever reason, and extremely common problem when you feed full strength of what the bottles say.
When you get mad, twisty fried leaves like that it's nute burn every time. That and bad pH. Thats what makes them go all twisty. Complete lockout after a nutrient overload.
Do you know what ppm you were feeding or did you follow a chart? What media is it too. I just flicked through again and couldn't spot it.

I could always be wrong too. But after reading that does it sound likely?


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Anybody else? Please please please! I'm not sure what to do!

There is chance that bud will never swell up. I got 4 plants in the same tent with same resorvoir. One with colas the size of my wrist, another with pathetic airy buds. I guess you might have messed up somewhere like I did. At this point I'd say there is not much you can do aside from checking the trichomes and cut it when it's ready.


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lite needs to b vloser ur either feeding jt to much water or u neut lockout in my opi ion also if in doubt on crop wait another week my friend once all those hairs r red than ur close
Thank you so so much for your input! You are so kind for having responded!
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