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Thread: 5 LR x AK47 seeds, got some questions!

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    5 LR x AK47 seeds, got some questions!

    I recently bought 5 strains, Easy Ryder (Joint Doctor) feminized Which is an f1 cross between a Lowryder #2 and an automatic AK47.

    Aand I got some questions for my first grow.

    1. How much soil should I use, and should I mix it with something?

    2. Is fertilizers important?

    3. How much should I water the plants?

    4. How deep should the hole be?

    5. Should I use pots, or just put them in the soil/soilmix?

    6. Haha last ... How about lecca"balls"? Should I use them on top? ...

    Hmm thats all I could come up with so far . Hope you can help me!

    Thanks in advance, every answer is welcome!
    Have a good day.

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    Re: 5 LR x AK47 seeds, got some questions!

    1. a general rule of thumb is to have 1 gallon of soil for every foot of growth. fox farm soil is the best soil you can buy but its pretty expensive. normal potting soil from a hardware store will work just fine.
    2.ferts are needed if you want to grow a plant to its full potential.
    3. the way i like to see if the plant needs water is to stick my finger in the soil and if there is a decent amount of moisture at my tip, ill skip watering. if there isnt any moisture then water away. seedlings will need to be watered more often than larger plants. but if your plant gets really big itll need almost daily watering in the heat of summer.
    4. holes should be about 2'x2'x2'
    5.pots are great if the need to move your plants arises, but they are also easier to spot and will dry out quicker than plants in the ground. plants in the ground have the ability to grow their roots out and wont get root bound. plants in the ground will usually grow bigger than ones in pots.
    6. i have no idea what lecca balls are
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    Re: 5 LR x AK47 seeds, got some questions!

    Check this out! ;-) It has a lot of great info. Also check out Grow Journals - 420 Magazine

    1 - Start out small. I like to use solo cups at first and gradually up the size of the pot as it grows.

    2 - Fertilizers are very important in order to make sure your plant is as healthy as it possibly can be. I like to use Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, but there are many nutrients to choose from.

    3 - At first, they will only need slightly damp soil. I like using a mister at first just to make sure I don't water too much, which can be a real problem for new growers.

    4 - I like to use the paper towel method to germinate, and then plant them into the soil about a cm down.

    5 - Most people use pots or grow outside.

    6 - Not sure what lecca balls are either.