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Welcome to our May update for members. We hope you all had a splendid 4/20. It was great to see such worldwide support, with foggy public gatherings from London to LA and way beyond.

Every month we publish a summary of what’s been going on behind the scenes on your behalf at 420 Magazine. Right now, we’re in the middle of a 420 Magazine HQ move. It’s all good, however you can imagine the boxes, files, merchandise and of course systems that are being shifted. 420 Magazine prizes to contest winners, (T shirts, nug jars etc) will be delayed whist we get set up. Apologies. You will, we promise, get them as soon as we are settled.

We are a couple of months now into using our new software. It looks like members have pretty much got the hang of it – as, fortunately, has our worldwide team of Moderators. We are still working through some detailed issues, and we are truly grateful not only to all the staff here but also to those members who have so positively supported others getting accustomed to the new interface.

An immediate benefit of the new smart software has been the massive reduction in spambots flooding the website. They have now been reduced to a very manageable, minor trickle. We’ve been able as a result to disband our dedicated Spambot Patrol, so they are now available for broader 420 support across the website. The request to members still remains though – If you spot ’em, report ’em straight away please.

Thanks to constructive member feedback, we have also simplified the photo upload process, bringing it down to a couple of clicks. If anyone still needs help, here’s the link to the tutorial – Photo Gallery Guide – How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos. Our team of Moderators are always here to help too, so if you’re still baffled about something, do start a conversation or post your question in the support thread – Brand New Forums & Gallery.

There is a plethora of new tutorials for the new software that we have written and posted for members. They include how to post, how to upload photos and videos, how to follow threads, how to add links to your signature and all the basics. You will find these, and ones still to come, in our Member Resources.

If you are a fresh face here, please do take a moment and read our Posting Guidelines. They are there to help and protect you and to keep 420 Magazine full of the spirit of knowledge-sharing, friendship and good vibes that we all work so hard to preserve.

If you are a more established member, we’d remind you to check our daily updated Home Page regularly. Many of us can get into the habit of just sticking to the journals and help forums, however on the home page you’ll find all the most recent news and announcements, reviews and warrior profiles as well as articles celebrating our contest-winning members and generous sponsors.

We always say that we wouldn’t be here without our Sponsors, however it’s equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn’t be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions, positive energy and spirit of helping others. :love:

Human Resources: Job Opportunities
If you are interested in helping to support our Mission, please do check out our Human Resources forum.

We are currently looking for a Gallery Moderator to help us keep photos on-topic and on-site. We are a relatively small team and truly need a volunteer who would like to support our Mission. If you are interested in this role, and can spare a few hours every day, please email support@420magazine.com

We are pleased to announce that May’s Sponsor of the Month is Cannabis Irrigation Supply.

Cannabis Irrigation Supply is a family owned and operated business dedicated to the grower. Whether you have one plant or 1,000, whether you are a first time grower or a commercial business, they have everything you need to provide your plants with all the H2O and nutrients they need.

Indoors or out, Cannabis Irrigation Supply have it all – timers, connections, filters, tubing, drip lines, fittings, tools, drip manifolds, sprinklers, injectors – everything up to and including full kits. There is nothing irrigation related that you won’t find in their store. At truly great prices too.

Cannabis Irrigation Supply are generous sponsors of our Plant, Nug and Member of the Month contests.

We are always grateful to new and renewing sponsors. This month we are delighted to welcome and thank the following sponsors:
420 Sponsor: Bomb Seeds
420 Sponsor: Namaste Vaporizers

We have had a host of new and renewing sponsors joining us recently, including:
Timber Grow Lights
Whizzinator Touch
Gorilla Grow Tents
KIND LED Grow Lights

All their profiles will be posted on our Home Page over the next few weeks. But that shouldn’t stop you checking out their websites right away. If you enjoy your time on 420 Magazine, if you’ve had good help and advice or if you’ve received support for a medical question, please pay it forward and check out their websites. It’s thanks to these and all our sponsors that 420 Magazine can continue to operate as a free resource for everyone.

420 Magazine runs five contests each month, celebrating our members and their work. If you enjoy photos of sticky buds or extraordinary plants, if you aspire to be the Member of the Month or want to see some of the best grow journals anywhere, then do look at our monthly contests. Congratulations to all our winners, who, thanks to our sponsors, will be receiving some great prize packages.

Duggan – 420 Magazine’s Plant of the Month – April 2018
Duggan – 420 Magazine’s Nug of the Month – April 2018
Grandpa Tokin – 420 Magazine’s Member of the Month – April 2018
Widowsnest – 420 Magazine’s Photo of the Month Contest – April 2018
Hyena Merica – 420 Magazine’s Grow Journal Of The Month – May 2018

You don’t have to be an experienced grower to enter the contests – any member with a minimum of 50 posts may enter and vote in those with polls. There are some great prizes to win – exclusive 420 Magazine merchandise such as nug jars, t-shirts, lighters, magnets (which you can’t get hold of any other way), and some quality and high value goods from our sponsors too; lights, nutrients, vaporizers, seeds, gift certificates and much more.

420 Magazine’s Member of the Month – May 2018
420 Magazine’s Plant of the Month – May 2018
420 Magazine’s Nug of the Month – May 2018
420 Magazine’s Photo of the Month Contest – May 2018

So if you fancy picking up a garden-full of great prizes, or just enjoy looking at some of the most beautiful plants and nugs produced on the planet, do check out our contests. They are fun and inspirational.

A note for all our past winners. The new software stripped or curtailed the titles you already have. We have now fixed the problem. All that remains to be done is for us to go through every winner of every past contest, adding in manually your rightful titles. Please give us a week or two to complete the process. It’s a long job.

That’s it for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Teddy Edwards

420 Administrator