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  1. F

    Building water Cooled LED Array

    I'm planning to build a water cooled LED array for my aeroponic grow. Any ideas or insight will be extremely welcomed. Thinking about using copper heat sinks, flowing the water through them to the plants.
  2. G

    New grower, first grow, scrog (help!), LED, mini CO2,Rainforest 66

    This is my first grow (except for home gardening of vegetables) and here are some pictures of my ladies now that the seedlings (2nd set of leaves) are 4 1/2 weeks old. They are THC Bomb in a rainforest 66, nutes according to Lucas Formula (gen hydro micro and bloom in 1-2 ratio at 8ml Micro and...
  3. G

    THC Bomb in 2x3 Tent w/Rainforest - LED - SCROG Gregoryhhh Grow Journal

    Can someone who knows grows look at these 4 1/2 week old plants and tell me what they look like and critique this grow in any way please? THC Bomb Feminized Seeds (rated "well higher than 20% THC" and 7-9 week flower 1 HydroGrow Sol2 100 watt LED system (2x3ft at 12") 2x3x5 Grow Tent Gen...
  4. W

    Aeroponic Reservoirs and Water Usage

    Does anyone have real life data of how big a water reservoir should be per plant for an aeroponic system? How much water can be expected to be used daily by plants? Im setting up a new grow system and am trying to not put in too big a tank nor too small of one. I'll have approximately 96...
  5. trichomes

    420 Members Favorite Nutrients for DWC / Aero / Hydro? GrowBig 3-2-6 Bloom

    I'm new to Aero, I am using the above nutrients, the solution is green. My concern is that my roots are tinted light-brown, I heard this can be caused by some nutrients, is there a better/different mfg.that is MOST popular w/ 420 site members? thank you
  6. trichomes

    Aeroponic root progress

  7. trichomes

    Want good Karma? Struggling for Time - answer - new Aeroponic member

    I'm still baffled, trying to set sprinkler ON/OFF settings for young plants. So, very much to learn, (OR BE CONFUSED BY) I have read as little as several SECONDS of sprinklers ON, to Constant sprinklers ON. I'll figure it out, hopefully before I kill one of my precious girls. 30 GALLON...
  8. ilikebike

    How To: Transplant from Aero to Soil

    Hey guys , when i first started cloning this video helped me out tons. Some people (including me at first) dont know that you can move an aeroponic clone to soil. This video should help Tremendously!
  9. M

    Mrs. Natural Feminized

    although I have been growing marijuana for quite a while, I am really new at talking about it publicly. so here is what happened. I started this post in a wrong category could not figure out how to move it so I am starting it over in the right category. sorry about that. the gear: 400 watt...
  10. P

    Papi Posting Hello!

    Good day People, I am Papi, named by my grandsons. I am a patient/grower under Oregon's OMMP. I was originally attracted to 420magazine by all of the great DIY information in the site's forums. You folks have put your work in on developing and trying out items that would otherwise cost alot...
  11. DutchDude

    Planning my next setup - harvest every 3 weeks?

    I have been thinking that I want smaller harvest, more often. Smaller plants will be more manageable, and so will a single large cola. So after reading a bunch, I am thinking of doing the Stinkbud setup, with a few modifications. I know the choices that I am about to make will not provide me...
  12. L

    GrowStealthLED 600w ProBloom - White Widow - AK47 - Amazon Aeroponics

    Hi 420 ok this is my official first run using the GSL600 probloom light! ive just kind of finished my grow room build ,just a few minor tweaks left while im waiting for my cuttings to root which are in my Xtream cloner. I still need to purchase my amazon but its not in stock untill wednesday and...
  13. E

    Need some advice on a watering system I might be inventing...

    So before I ask for any advice on this system I came up with, I should go about explaining it the best way I can. So...it's a 6-bucket, drip hydroponic-aeroponic, ebb and flow, DWC recirculating system. A mouthful, I know. How does a system as complex as this work, you might be asking...
  14. T

    Sexing - Any suggestions?

    Hi 420 Guys and Girls, I have three White Widow plants that are now 14 full days into 12/12 light cycle but I can't see any signs of sex yet. How long does it normally take? Is this peculiar to White Widow? I'm using Canna Aqua Flores with added Rhizotonic pH is 5.6 and EC 1.56...
  15. HashAssassin

    Half a LB a Month in an Aeroponic Tent

    Well that is the goal and realistically I will probably end up with more!:cheer2: Strains: MTF, MK-Ultra, Bush Widow, Afgooey, and Flo (Blue Pheno) Lights for Veg: 1) 3' 2 lamp T5 and 2) 2' 1 lamp T5HO Lights for Flower: 1 600W HPS Medium: Aero/NFT with 3.75" net cups for veg and...
  16. HashAssassin

    H/A's Coco DIY Ebb and Flow

    Greetings. I've been thinking about growing again after taking a couple years off since having to pay for meds is not an option after being out of work for 9 months. Rummaged through the garage and found enough parts and pieces to do a DIY Ebb and Flow with a DIY 400W Halide and 400W HPS in DIY...
  17. I

    Hydroponic/Aeroponic Nutrients

    Hi, Okay, sooo im trying to grow hydroponic/aeroponic marijuana i have all the necessary equipment i need thats not a problem, what i do need to know is what bio nutrients i can use to make my plants healthier. Thanks in advance.
  18. MrAero

    My fussy lil purple kush clone

    Im using a aeroponic system, with a 250 w HPS and 2 30 w flourescents. I have my ph and TDS/PPM under good control, as the 3 other clones in the same system are well, but this one PK , keeps giving me a little wilt and a little yellow on the lower leafs. They are about 9 -11 in. I have tried...
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