1. leblanca

    Indica HPA Aeroponic Grow 2022 LED 5 Strain

    Hello, im back again for a 3rd grow in my HPA aeroponic grow, this grow will be focused on 5 Strain mostly Indica. We have Blueberry Gelato OG Warlock RudeBoi OG Alien Rock Candy Most of these seeds were bought from Seedsman. The grow take place in the Exact same setup i have been using last...
  2. lvumlow

    Completed Bentley's DIY Aeroponic HPA, Northern Lights Auto, Grow Journal Jan 2021

    Intro/background: Hello, I have been a long time cannabis enthusiasts but have never cultivated indoor so this will be my first grow. I have grown some plants over the years (outdoor) but have never done much to get into the cultivation science so this will be my introduction. I moved to the...
  3. leblanca

    Completed Sativa HPA Aeroponic Grow Experiment 2021

    Hello again, This will be my 2nd run with this Aeroponic system, it has worked well enough to give me a descent harvest, the start was rough but i did learn a lot. There has been some improvement made to the system, The totes have bolted lid instead for closing them without removing the tote...
  4. Ogiesel

    OGieSel High Pressure Aeroponic Build 2020

    Hi guys, Ogiesel here! Finally back at it with another "High" Tech - Low Tech Aeroponics built. You may have seen my past aeroponic grow journals (if not, check them out!) But this setup is going to be pretty similar to my original setup, just with a few added upgrades & better overall layout...
  5. leblanca

    Completed Indica HPA Aeroponic Grow Experiment 2020

    Hello! This journal will be about an Indica grow in a HPA aeroponic setup with HID Lighting. 5 Strain had been chosen for the experiment. 3X Purple Bud 3X Tangerine Dream 3X Blueberry 3X Warlock 3X Strawberry Diesel The Growing Medium will be a 1in rockwool cube in a 3in net with Clay pellets...

    Grower and a shower: random blab, advice & tips

    no need to infringe upon personal journals and off topic nonsense. handful of harvests, back to 06, in soil. 1 yr as a hobby; soil. 2 years, immersed in books, web, YouTube, hydro- 1 season. aeroponic, ever since. tried every form i know of and the only thing that did it, for the pain, is RSO...
  7. "i wasn't finished, yet!"

    "i wasn't finished, yet!"

    filled that n partial other. 1, or 2 tanks, prolly.
  8. BoomTune

    How to buy parts for and put together a $6,000 High-pressure Aeroponics System that doesn't clog

    After about a year of trial and error (And spending a small fortune), it looks like its finally going to work. A High-pressure Areoponic system that won't clog in the Australian Outback climate. However, the Water pump and Solenoid valve still need their own sound-proof boxes. Something which...
  9. DSCF9818[1].JPG


    Jack Herer Very healthy and looking very nice in my aeroponics system.
  10. DSCF9803[1].JPG


    I have 2 Jack Herer's and a White Widow in aeroponic system. I also have 1 Bubblegum in soil. Nice healthy plants. I am using silica and Cutting Edge nutes in the aeroponic system. In my soil grow I am using Foxfarm nutes. I am very pleased with the outcome so far.
  11. DSCF9791[1].JPG


    Lots of healthy roots
  12. DSCF9790[1].JPG


    Lots of roots in my aeropnic system. The discolor is from the nutes and is not root rot.
  13. J

    JuustJ's new design for a true Aeroponic tent set up & build

    Afternoon everyone, So after thinking I was growing aeroponically all this time I have come to find out what I was really doing was more of a mister / ebbnflow system. Using spray tips from the local hydro shop and a tray and buckets with the "misters" spraying the roots and then collecting...
  14. Mr Bins

    Abandoned Welcome To The Bin Lab! Mr. Bins' Modular Aero SCROG - 2017

    I've been building out a new grow setup this summer using high pressure aero / DWC hybrid under COB LED lighting. All flowering will be done using portable SCROG modules that can be disconnected in seconds and wheeled around like carts. Central res is auto topped up with RO water via float...
  15. Navyaero

    New here! Looking to try some new stuff!

    Hi I used to be over at Rollitup however, that place is to censored... So i decided to move over here! I am about to do my first Aeroponics Build. I will be creating a grow journal in a bit to show this work in progress.
  16. Rich Farmer

    Completed Dewey Aeroponics - RADDWC

    DEWEY COMMUNITY GROW! PLEASE POST PICS OF YOUR DEWEY SETUP AND RESULTS! What strain is it? GSC Xtrm Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica dom hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 1 day If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro...
  17. Ron Strider

    This Pot Company Is Cleaning Up The Weed Industry With Aeroponics

    In terms of the numbers, the legal marijuana industry is making strides: The market was valued at $7.2 billion in 2016, and projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17%. Recreational sales are expected to quadruple by 2020–recreational marijuana is legal in eight states and D.C., and that...
  18. dumme

    Dumme's Aquaponic Aeroponic-Soil Adventure

    The name's Aquaponic Dumme, and Aquaponics is the game. Here's My garden:
  19. B

    Aeroponics Problems

    So I am as far away from a green thumbs as one gets but I'm giving it a try. I am currently using stinkbud's setupwith the 3"net pots in viral fence posts. It's been 3 weeks since they sprouted and they are only 3" tall with minimal roots. They look very healthy but do not seem to be doing...
  20. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow with LEDs

    Hi gang, ogiesel here! back at it with the HP Aeroponics. As some of you may already know. My last HPA grow ended in the plants being thrown out because they both turned Hermi. They were both doing extremely well too. Vigorous growth & great overall health. It was a good test run as it was also...
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