1. ben1984

    Northern Lights Feminised - Computer Grow Box

    This is a plant i grew a few years ago, I got a northern lights seed online along with a very small computer grow box. I used CFL lights and changed the temp when it came to flowering. Enjoy ;)
  2. M

    My Mars Hydro plus my grow computer has brought me to questions

    I use a grow computer, and have six of them. One for my indoor home, and three at friends house which I "remotely control" their grow operation using the grow computer I installed, and I have two more grow computers feeding five acres of vegitables, and none cannabis related crops. For my...
  3. M

    I'm going to install a grow computer in a deep freezer - Magnetic ballast questions

    Ok, so I purchased a grow computer. I've been growing very nice lush plants with LED's but the grow computer says 8amps max rating Does anyone know by chance if there is any 1000W magnetic ballasts for HPS that's under or exactly at 8amps? Any lights someone could suggest which I could hook to...
  4. Alchemist420

    Uploaded Images sitting in Queue

    Anyone else having issue with uploading images and them sitting in the queue and never posting ??? I just sent a PM to the only Admin or Mod showing online. It is not computer or browser related. I went and signed on with a different computer and browser and could see the images I uploaded...
  5. N

    3 computer towers?

    If you had 3 computer towers to do as you wish how would u set them up??
  6. Cranky

    Website problems

    Cant get on thier website,any body else have this problem or is it my antique computer.
  7. Emilya Green

    Computerized X-10 garden control system

    This is the basic X-10 appliance module. They are readily available either new from the company or used on ebay for very good prices. Using these modules it is possible to control everything in the grow room, from lights to pumps to fans and anything inbetween. By using the same code, you can...
  8. SixthEddie

    ROM II - The Perfect Environment / PC Grow

    Hello :420:! ROM II — The Perfect Environment / PC Grow My goal is to set a guideline for a perfectly controlled environment to grow your medicine with the convenience of complete stealth. This is a continuation on a previous project of mine. I found an old 1994 server tower on...
  9. H

    Low budget pc grow

    Hey all, new to this forum but old in practice :). Anyway I have bought the majority of my supplies as cheaply as possible at local stores near me as I can't really be bothered with the whole buying online and waiting thing time is more precious than money personally. The list so far is ...
  10. S

    PC Scrog First Grow Attempt

    Made out of old pc box and old white box to line the inside of it. 4 27w cfls? dunno if i should add more or supplement lighting on sides? its pretty small so i plan to scrog and using a short wonder woman strain seed. dunno how to post pics
  11. J

    Light of Jah - 2010

    Hello there 420 Magazine! This is a first time grow. We bought 10 Light of Jah seeds and that offer came with 20 free random seeds. A few weeks ago we planted 4 LoJ's, and 4 of the randoms in some Rockwool mini cubes and seem to be doing fine so far. As of right now the seeds are in a large...
  12. G

    PC Server Stealth Grow Case ! ! ! NEED HELP !

    Hey i would really appreciate some knowledgeable people on here giving me some advice as far as making a schedule to keep my plants growing good until i can sex them and only keep two strong healthy females take clones from those females to put in a different stealth cab to be kept as moms, and...
  13. G

    Building my own Atmospheric and Nutrient Controller

    Hi all- I have started a journal for a room where I'm going to try to implement a computer controller. The basics are: I'll be building an atmospheric and nutrient controller from scratch. For anyone not familiar with eeproms and ic chips I highly recommend checking out Parallax. For many of...
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