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    Is this potassium def ? Only on the few lowers ?
  2. 4

    First time grower here looking for help

    Been having a heck of a time with this problem. I've done as much research as I can via internet. And cannot identify the problem. I think it may be calcium deficiency but unsure some advice from true experience would be very welcome thank you.
  3. G

    Having some issues with my girls - Help me please!

    hello everyone, im having some issues and hope you guys can help . info: 12 liter pots , coco , 400w mh , liberty haze fed with atami A+B , H&G roots stimulator im having hard time figuring what's the deficiency here :
  4. B

    Is this some kind of nutrient deficiency?

    This girl have already got nute burns (lost few pair of leaves) and then it grew up new healthy leaves for like a week and then it seem to be sick again. ) oh after it recover from note burn i moved it to a lot bigger pot (about a gallon) and i water them lesser time but lots of it each...
  5. E

    New grower Can someone help me identified what the problem ?

    My plant are at their 6st week of flowering and its been a week since those kind of deficency appere what can i do? I been using miracle grow for soil and fox farm for nutriments feeding them twice a week . And my last plant what just star flowering turn...
  6. B

    Help my plant is having a magnesium deficiency! can i use molasses?

    my stems are turning purple and my older bottom fan leaves are turning yellow. my plant is in vegetative stage. can i use mollases or something for the magnesium? i cant afford that expensive stuff for nutrients. any help?
  7. C

    Need help lemon haze dwc day 2 flower

    Sups guys What Strain is it? Lemon Haze First Generation Clones Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa How Many Plants? 2 Have Issues Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Day 2 off Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 5 - 6 Weeks from clone. If in Flowering...
  8. M

    help with coco and cal mag

    I grow in coco coir, and r/o my r/o is 5ppm. My last grow I used AD cal mag grow witch brought my water to about 150 ppm before mixing nutrients. Then in flower I used AD cal mag bloom 150ppm before nutrients throughout flower then at about week three they got a lock out and went to shit. This...
  9. C

    My 11 ft girl is starting to yellow? Can't nail down the problem.

    Hello, I'm growing a barneys farm hybrid, skunk #1 crossed with mazar. She is in the ground (ffof), I'm using the fox farm liquid trio. I noticed the larger fans starting to yellow and fall off, I didn't worry to much. I did however back off the nutes, but still gave her some molasses and...
  10. R

    Not sure what with this!!

    Ok here i have 1 plant out of 3 same dirt,water and nutrients. I just not sure what happen but I do know the problem has been fix cause new groth looks good but I would like to know for the future. I use to have a def chart but lose it. Your thoughts? Here a pix
  11. F

    White Russian's 12 days old - Problems!

    Hoping someone would help guide me through my current mess... I popped 6 white russian fem's (ss) on Oct.28. I used the paper towel method but just barely allowed the tap root to pop.. them I dropped them in 1.5 inch rockwool. They broke surface on the 31st, roughly. I had the rockwool in a tray...
  12. R

    Problem with one plant on the same system!

    I have 2 plants on the same system in DWC. Out of those 2 plant one has yellow leafs on the lower half of the plant and spreading up but the tops are looking good. I have flush and redid my nutrients, check my ppm there at 1000.I did that a few days ago. It going on there 4th week in bloom...
  13. kiefisgood

    Mg Def? please help!

    [/IMG] White Widow 1 plant Vegative stage week 3 Indoor Secret Jardin 120 4x4x7 Hydro 5 Gal DWC Res temp 69 F rockwool/hydroton It is under 1 400watt MH air cooled Room Temp is 70-75 Humidity is low 15% - 30% EC - 1.7 PPM @ .7 - 1220 PH - 5.5-6.0 Using GH Lucas Formula no other...
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