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  1. K

    Puff, Puff, Pastry - Anatomy Of A Marijuana Dinner

    The beginning of my dalliance with the fantastic world of culinary cannabis started at Sweet Leaf, a mini dispensary chain founded in Colorado. I gave them $25 and signed my name as a participant in Mason Jar Event Group's seasonal soiree of high-end food and green leafy contraband, and in...
  2. C

    Advanced Edible Recipes?

    I saw this bomb vid last week and dared myself to make it. Was fire! Was wondering if anyone else had some quality videos or homemade unorthodox recipes. video
  3. G

    Need some advice about my plants

    High all! Guys I started to grow my plants in February and I kept them in grow box, when Spring came I moved them outside, I have no idea what strain it is, probably hybrid with mostly sativa? What do you think? I left them in one village, and I visited it today. Look how it looks it have...

    NPK Formula help please?

    ok all. ah dont think I can do pics so im just post the npk values. im after a decent all green veg aswell as a all green flower and boost. then ease off for flush. ive already got 1.2.3 and either need a all round which i can get 20.20.20 for but basicly i want to get like 20.20.20 and...
  5. V

    Cheers from Germany

    First pleas don't kill me for Spellrapeing your Language lol My Name is secret im a bit paranoid Im 29 but my Beard let's me look like 50. Im a Chef Im a pagan and grow since im 17,it Starts with a plant out of Bird food and my Snake wasn't eating so I put some food for the food in the...
  6. R

    Growing Markets For Hemp Food And Pharmaceuticals

    Nova-Institute (Germany), in co-operation with HempConsult (Germany) investigated the growing markets for Hemp Food Products along with, in a second market study, the non-psychotropic Cannabinoid CBD, increasingly demanded as food supplement and pharmaceutical. Hemp is a multi-purpose crop...
  7. Bapple

    Help! Stoned Cats

    So as usual first thing on a Monday (today counts as Monday cos yesterday was a holiday) I emptied all the left over food from the weekend into the cats dishes ( I adopted 7 stray cats) About an hour ago one of the guys came back from a fag break and said the cats were behaving strangely. I...
  8. S

    Food Intolerances

    Hi, Anyone had any success with fighting problems with food intolerances? I do not have true allergies but just feel achy, tired, sore joints, etc. My diet is so limited it is laughable (stewed meat/fish, carrots, salt, water). THC is great for regular bowel movements, but CBD doesn't...
  9. R

    Boost For European Hemp Cultivation Through Increasing Demand For Hemp Products

    Hemp cultivation areas in Europe will expand from 8,000 ha in 2011 to almost 25,000 ha in 2016, which shows a triple increase in 5 years. The reason is the growing demand for different raw materials obtained from this outstanding multi-purpose crop. Hemp fibres are used in the automotive...
  10. N

    PH level for RDWC in last few weeks of flower?

    How important is the PH level during the last 2 weeks of flower when only using plain water? I know the correct PH is critical during the other stages for the plant (veg and flower) for food uptake but during the flush, it's not taking up anything but water and it's only going to eat what food...
  11. R

    Queensland Hemp Producers Say Allowing Production For Food Would Encourage Investment

    A Queensland company is calling on the State Government to change the law preventing industrial hemp from being produced for human consumption. Under Queensland's Drugs Misuse Act, it is illegal to produce cannabis seeds for the manufacture of products that can be consumed, smoked or applied...
  12. R

    California's Marijuana Edibles Remain In Food Safety Limbo

    California's Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act has been in effect for a month now, but the state's Department of Public Health hasn't yet published or implemented food safety standards for so-called edibles. However, the Act didn't give the department a deadline. It simply states...
  13. J

    Oregon DHS Refuses Food Donation From Pro-Marijuana Group

    n Oregon government agency refused food donations from a pro-marijuana group. The Women Leaders in Cannabis in the city of Eugene made a food donation to the Thanksgiving food drive for homeless people, but it was declined, KOMO News reports. The group says Oregon's Department of Human...
  14. ScienceGrow

    Where do the nutrients go?

    I'd like to know exactly what happens to nutrients when taken up by the roots. I wonder this because the only part of the plant that we check for health are the leaves, maybe the roots. Never the flowers. Why don't flowers show deficiencies, or toxicity? Maybe they do, but they're...
  15. BpoBrad

    What to do with this butter?

    I have about 70gs of some of the most potent KnockOut Butter as I call it, but I have no idea what to make with it I'm having chef block, I'm open to all suggestions, sweet, savory, maybe even spicy? I don't care lets get creative and help a brother out!:thanks:
  16. T

    Hemp Foods & Skin Care

    Has anyone tried the products from Realhemp? I was thinking of trying a few things. I was actually amazed at the nutritional content of the hulled seeds and protein powder. The hulled seeds have the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6. That is pretty good. Plus the protein has fiber to...
  17. preprodigy

    Whats the wildest and craziest food concoction you've ever made just bec your high?

    :welcome: Im hoping to get some ideas for delicious food combinations that i can eat while im high, not necessarily with thc in it, i dont wanna get that high haha, The man who smokes five blunts while satisfying his hunger with a plate full of cannabis brownies, drizzled them in hash oil...
  18. L

    Hemp food legislation in Australia

    Hemp seed is one of the richest natural sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). They also contain up to 35% protein. The protein from hemp seeds contain all of the 20 know amino acids. Hemp seeds come from industrial low THC hemp plants. They do not contain THC. Hemp food is a huge...
  19. B

    Don't have much but I wanna try!

    First off I have indeed smoked my fair share of bowls so the feeling of it is VERY familiar to me. I recently aquired 6g of some pretty dank stuff (1 hit gets you pretty damn far!) and I am curious about making some food. I know that butter is one of the most common ways to consume...
  20. B

    Oh Hai/ Food Help

    Hola my fellows. I have a question for you- I have 6g of some dank stuff and I wanted to know what food would be the best to make of this. My ideas consist of a couple of sticks of butter, however I don't know the best ratio per stick of butter (which is 4oz). Ideas would be...
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