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  1. K

    Spraying mites close to harvest?

    I don't have full infestation, but I do have some mites on 30% leaves, two different kinds. (round & clear with random black spots, longer ones that are whitish in color). I am 1-2 weeks from harvest. Trichomes are mostly milky. My questions; 1. Should I spray with neem this close to...
  2. F

    Need some quick advice please.

    I have some Harlequin plants that are just about ready to harvest but I'm getting mixed feedback on whether they are ready now or not. The reason I'm asking is that I found a budworm on one of my buds and I want to harvest this weekend before they destroy it all. The trichomes are cloudy and...
  3. F

    Need Urgent Help and advice please.

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm sorry I haven't posted in the introductions thread yet but I need some advice and I need it fast. This is our first time growing and my husband has been covering 2 Jilly Bean plants to light dep them so they will flower. Monday night he was...
  4. J.Cervantes

    On the Inside with Jorge Cervantes Episode #3

    This episode shows a nice big room that is harvested every 45 days! YouTube - ‪On The Inside with Jorge Cervantes Episode 3‬‏
  5. flogger11

    At what point should a person stop using nutes? How long before harvest?

    In a DWC system at what point in 12/12 should a person cut out the nutes? Two days before harvest? Two weeks? Somewhere inbetween? I have heard many opinions and am trying to cut through the bs, thanks so much for the hand!
  6. SwissCheese79

    Day 70 Il Diavolo Auto clear and cloudy trichs.

    Is a 70 day auto with no amber unheard of? I want to wait til 50/50 cloudy/amber. Anyone experience an auto with this long of a life cycle?
  7. B

    Harvesting. Weak Main Stem

    So I am just about ready to harvest and chop my plant. Lately I have had a support to help keep the main stem of the plant to stay rigid, but for the first time on the plant i noticed that the main stem falls over without the support. How worried should I be and does this mean i should harvest...
  8. xbox4him

    What is this?

    Well, im not sure what these are but I found em growing on my girl (seeds??). She's at day 62 of flowering and no I havent found any male parts on her (not hermied) and I don't have any males either! I would just like a quick identification to what this is. im guessing seeds as this is my...
  9. HolySpicoli

    Help! Been flowering 10 weeks!

    I have posted for help on another thread, but noone has responded yet, decided to try a new post in the correct forum. I am at day 70 of flower, and most of my trichs still appear to be crystal clear. The few cloudy ones have been cloudy for two weeks. I stopped the nutes for about a week...
  10. B

    Hydro store owner says "longer veg time = longer flower time" T or F?

    The owner of the hydro store I go to recently told me that "the longer you veg for, the longer it will take in flower". Just to clarify he is meaning the time the plants stay in flower until they are ready to harvest - not the time it takes to kick in to flower from a vegetative state. Is...
  11. F

    Ready or not, here i come.

    hey everyone, i'm coming to that wonderful time, and i've just gota few generals to throw out there... white widow, 2 plants box grow 400watt hps cooled light sys soil i'm 8weeks and a couple days right now. friday will be the end of the 9th. i plan to harvest on friday or saturday...
  12. V

    Strain help

    Hey i just finished growing a nice lemon skunk just harvested it on East Coast. It started turning purple so i Clipped it...BUT MY QUESTION IS I just bought some fine herb, its different than anything ive smelled or had before. IT SMELLS LIKE LICORICE and candy, then with a slight SLIGHT mint...
  13. P

    My balcony plants might not live to maturity

    Hi. I've a few plants that have been flowering, but I'm concerned that they might not live to maturity. I think they're about 3.5-4 wks since they've gotton the white hairy areas. 1 plant has lots of these, every single branch has got them. Anyway, it's like getting cold outside and not very...
  14. Harry Potter

    delaying harvest

    My little girls are just now going into flowering stage. If all goes as it should I will be out of state for 2 weeks just about harvest time. Is there a way to delay the harvesting of the plants until I get back The Harry Pot ter
  15. T

    New to growing

    Hey all, I was with my dealer recently and we're pretty tight so he asked me if I wanted some extra kush seeds he got from his brother, who apparently grows. Never being one to pass up free shit I accepted and he handed me a plastic bag with the seeds. Problem is, I don't know the first thing...
  16. K

    Stem is bending after 3 days in jar.

    Hi all,I havn't done a journal, since I have no camera. I did snap a few pics, but that's irrelavent now. (I'll post later.) I want to thank everyone for their contributions, as I would not have been able to reach this point without all your posts and comments in the forums. OK, I hung my...
  17. S

    Squintygrl w/first-timer questions about plant/stage- please check out pics!

    Questions at bottom! Thanks in advance!:439: These pictures are of the same plant, taken on the same day (11-13-08). Planted around mid-July (about 4 months old?). Its growing in Miracle Gro Potting Mix in approx 2gal container. Central Florida weather (hot days, cool nights now...
  18. H

    time to harvest

    i have a white widow ready to harvest how do i know when is time to harvest and when i should start flushing the plant? this plant has been in my flowering room for 8 weeks.
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