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  1. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro new light SP series is now looking for tester!

    It has been a long time for the new product public, but we are finally here! Before I anounce how to join the comeptition, let's firstly look at the product. :) :cheer::cheer::cheer: Attention please my dear growers. :D Thanks for all your concerning and long time waiting for our new lights...
  2. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In

    Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower. Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh. Let’s go over the setup: 6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k - (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6...
  3. Lisaalexstark

    Name That Deficiency

    Hello Smokers and Smokettes!! I have been having some serious issues with my grow closet :( please im hoping someone can define whats going on here before its too late! ive already had some horrible things go on here. so im using an 135W HLG QB288 V2 paired with a KING PLUS 1000W, not truly...
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    On sale two boards only though 150$ or they have the 288 or 240 watt board kit just have to assemble and buy frame for 350$