1. Soil Amendments

    Soil Amendments

    Dry Soil amendments + new liquid amendment: Humboldt's CalMag+Iron
  2. Soil Amendments continued

    Soil Amendments continued

    Epsom Salt-aids in uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium @DYNOMYCO mychorrizal-aids in overall plant health, root development, and uptaking of nutrients
  3. jebivetr

    Help with identifying problem

    Hello guys, I have 9 plants and 4 of them are starting to show mosaic pattern and on one of them the tips are starting to show burn sings and other spots on leaves they are 3,5 week old and that is including first week when they were germinating so 2,5 weeks if i dont count first week. They...
  4. H

    Water Quality

    Good morning to you fine people. A question...... I'm using still mineral water on my plants - the breakdown of minerals is as follows: Typical Values per litre - Calcium 11.0mg - Magnesium 3.5mg - Potassium 2.5mg - Sodium 10.0mg - Bicarbonate 25.0mg - Sulphate 11.0mg -...
  5. M

    First Grow: Small Brown Spots Appearing

    Hi guys, this is my first grow! She is in her 3rd week of veg and some small brown have just started appearing since the last day or two! Should I be worried! I’ve done some digging around and from what I’ve found it could potentially be a magnesium or manganese deficiency! Is this so? I really...
  6. C

    Measuring Calcium & Magnesium Levels - Coco Noir

    Hi from the UK. I'm a newbie starting out in the wonderful endevour of growing my own weed. As you are probably aware this is still illegal in the UK with draconian punishments (Prison) for those who try it. Do I give a F**K? Not when I read of the good it could possibly do me. So I did...
  7. P

    Chemdawg 15 Gallon Pot

    I have a chemdawg plant in a 15 gallon pot of Black and Gold she is in her 2nd week of flowering and has had a few yellow leaves but is progressing over time... I have added nitrogen multiple time so that is not the problem. Thought it was manganese or iron so I just bought some bioAg tm-7 2days...
  8. K

    Issue with some nutrient deficency Mn or Mg

    Hi guys, I've a big trouble, maybe it's something wrong with water PH, I think it's a deficiency of Mn or Mg but it's so strage. It's my second experience, with 6 plants (3 cheese, 2 Think different and a Magnum Gom) They are 40 days old and on the biggest plants, the two Cheese, I've this...
  9. M

    Calcium versus Magnesium deficiency

    I was unable to find a good reference to show the difference between a Calcium deficient plant and a Magnesium deficient one. Experience is the best teacher and I have learned now to tell the difference. These images are as much for my reference as everyone else's. The past ten days I've...
  10. C

    Young leaves curling down on my flowering NL5 X Haze mother

    Dear growers, This is my 2nd grow and I am having the same problem as I had with the first 1. My NL5 x Haze mother is now almost in her 5th week of flowering (counting from first pre flowers, not the light switch) In less than 3days all the small (bud) leaves turned very dark green and...
  11. 1ofaKind

    Is this magnesium deficiency?

    It looks more intense than what I see in other photos. Sometimes the leaves cupped up, but it has progressed. Now they are mostly folding down. I started using camg+ in tea a few weeks ago, MagiCal a week and a half ago, and added 1 tsp per gallon Epsom salt 2 days ago... So I was hoping...
  12. F

    Magnesium Deficiency?

    First time growing in a tent, well aired and lit, and the shrub seems strong and healthy. I sometimes add an organic nutrient I got with the whole kit, yet my leaves are slowly turning yellow, and these brown dots appear. According to a chart I found it's probably Magnesium deficiency, but...
  13. SmokeGent

    Is it Magnesium? Nitrogen? Or a pH def?

    Hello gents I have a problem with the ladies , I'm not sure if it's a Magnesium, Nitrogen or a PH deficiency. It just started, the lady in the pics it's a Bubba Kush Auto - day 45 - I keep them under 400w hps - using Ionic nutes. Any opinions? Thanks
  14. R

    Sour Diesel fan leaves turning purple & yellow

    Hello all, I have a problem with my plant.. Sour diesel 2 months and 5 day in veg state. I main line it donno if this is relevant but the leaves are turning purple and yellow. I have read that i might be missing magnesium. So i bought and added 2,5g magnesium untill now to the plant and it...
  15. J

    Problem with lower leaves

    Hello, I have several plants and they all seem to be having the same issue with lower leaves (some more then others). The leaves are getting yellow, crumbling up and dying. I sprayed them with some Epsom salt as I thought the issue may be magnesium but that didn't seem to help much. I am going...
  16. Timmo

    Is my soil magnesium deficient?

    My mix: 30 gal base (equal parts peat, perlite, and compost) 3/4 c soil sweetener 9 c EWC 1 c bat guano 1 c fish bone meal 2 Tbsp Ful-Humix 2 c Azomite 2 c basalt dust 2 c kelp meal 2 c alfalfa meal 2 c crab meal 2 c neem seed meal 1 c mycos 3/4 c yucca powder 2 c diatomaceous...
  17. C

    Week One Down - Magnesium Deficiency? Ph? Please Help!

    Greetings everyone! I have grow hydroponics in the past with extreme success, so I thought this upcoming grow would be no different. A week after transferring my clone into a 6x6" rock wool cube, and the plant looks worse than any plant I have ever grown. It appears to have dark purple stem(s)...
  18. B

    Help my plant is having a magnesium deficiency! can i use molasses?

    my stems are turning purple and my older bottom fan leaves are turning yellow. my plant is in vegetative stage. can i use mollases or something for the magnesium? i cant afford that expensive stuff for nutrients. any help?
  19. M

    Please Help - First week in flower - Phosphorus deficiency

  20. M

    Please Help 1st Week Into Flowering - Phosphorus Deficiency

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