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    Massachusetts MMJ Program Rules Open for Comments for April 19 Public Hearings

    Hey Peeps, I have been reviewing the draft proposed MMJ regulations that Massachusetts is considering right now. The materials are available on their website and links are provided below; they are accepting comments by e-mail This is the time for public comment! I have spent the past few...
  2. N

    Growing MMJ Professionally

    Hello everyone! I am from a non-MMJ state (Missouri), but I am VERY interested in moving to possibly Arizona within the next 2 years. Though I have never grown, I am very knowledgable about growing. I have studied the forums quite alot, and Im sure I can get the hang of it very fast. I also know...
  3. cannasensei

    My Med Grow - A Lot Of Pics - No Slow Wifi - Seriously

    Hey all. I have been a member of other forums for years with one in particular being my home. Of late the focus has turned to gun debates and trolling so I've decided to uproot and see if I can find a community focused on its stated intent. With that said lets get this started. I am a huge fan...
  4. S

    Need a doctor in Oregon

    Hey all I am looking for a doctor in Eugene, OR that takes OHP and is pro medical medical marijuana. I need one in the next few days so if anyone could give me some help at all that would be awesome. Thanks, Spencer
  5. H

    Washington State MMJ

    this is a blue widow seed grown for 10 weeks before flower in roots organics soil with gh flora nova bloom and gravity flower by hn bud candy by an and ff cha ching this is day 27 in flower and i also have 8 dinafem blue widow clones 1 jilly bean clone 2 bubba 76 1 clone and 1 mother and 1 blue...
  6. indicakim

    The Southern Alliance for Medical Marijuana

    If you live in Florida, Come Hear me Speak at Truth Fest 2011 in Orlando, FL on October 1. There will be many pro -marijuana groups represented, including Florida NORML and P.U.F.F.M, and we'll have special guest Robert Plantshorn aka "The Black Tuna" and his movie, "Square Grouper". It' on...
  7. C

    Edible in the grower/caregiver mix??

    As I am reading these threads, I am wondering about the legalities regarding growing to produce and dispense edibles? Does anyone know how the new amendments are being implemented on Boulder in this regard?? :cheer2:
  8. W

    Texas MJ

    Hi, I missed the meeting by a few days, I'm wondering how I may be able to find out when future meetings are going to held and if there is/going to be a bill inacted what it is. I'm starting tomorrow and getting all the supporters I can in my area of Texas. I've been searching the net the past...
  9. Andy 371

    Australia's future with MJ, bleak?

    Hey there guys, I have been thinking a little since KRud got the boot to be replaced by a very, IMO, terrible replacement. Now I have not looked into detail on what Miss Gillard's plans are, but from what I have seen of her in the paper over the past years, for us lovers of Mary Jane, I do not...
  10. G

    How do they make the hard candy?

    My wife uses MMJ for pain. Some of it comes in the form of hard candy which, to judge from my careful investigative procedures, is thoroughly impregnated with THC. The folks at the dispensary tell her that most people find it best to suck on it for a half hour or so then wrap it up again...
  11. M

    My mj story

    Today I had to put my 14 year old dog to sleep. RIP he was suffering and it was the best thing. Totally upset and in tears I came home and "MEDICATED". My tears turned to relief almost instantly. Relief that Ollie will suffer no more. How can anyone say that MJ has "NO" medicinal value?
  12. C

    New patient needs seeds...where?

    I am a new patient and caregiver in CO and was looking for high quality seeds. Does anyone know how I should go about finding/obtaining them? Is it legal for a MMJ patient to have seeds? Purchase them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. tintala


    Qualified Patients No Longer Subject to Arbitrary License Revocation. The ASA legal team saw the fruits of another big victory for patients in March, when the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issued a new policy on driver's licenses that ends discrimination against state medical...
  14. BubbaKush

    New collective off the 57 and 17th

    Tranquil Healing is a really nice collective. Ive visited myself as they are part of our co-op. Its a really laid back and safe atmosphere and they carry a wide range of bottom shelf to a very nicely picked variety of top shelf. They are also going to be carrying the tea bags soon as well...
  15. C

    MMJ Qualification + doctor help

    Hi everyone, Ever since I can remember I've always been unhealty but in the past years it has started getting a lot worse. First it started with depression and problems with anxiety, then I started having really bad head aches, then came insomnia (I always feel tired and restless but yet I'm...
  16. D

    Colorado Medical Marijuana patients/caregivers

    The Colorado Board of Health is considering a number of regulations which would hurt medical marijuana patients. Natures Medicine LLC is helping in the fight against this ATTACK on Colorado's medical marijuana law! You can HELP heres how: (1) Print and distribute the attached...
  17. P

    Tell them we're for it!

    Ok, so if all of you in Okla wanna do somthng about our MMJ situation, you can go here for links to tell your testomonials and send emails to your legislator.Oklahoma Compassionate Care Campaign--Legalize Medical Marijuana Even if you dont have a condition but you like the smoke you should still...
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