Australia's future with MJ, bleak?

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Hey there guys, I have been thinking a little since KRud got the boot to be replaced by a very, IMO, terrible replacement. Now I have not looked into detail on what Miss Gillard's plans are, but from what I have seen of her in the paper over the past years, for us lovers of Mary Jane, I do not think it will be good.

See before this transition of Prime Ministers happened I was really thinking that after November of this year (the time of California's public poll on their new cannabis bill,) we along with the rest of the world will start seriously moving towards the legalisation of specifically Medical MJ (Full legalization being just a bonus, but it really isn't needed.) But now I fear differently.

I think Julia Gillard as Prime Minister is going to straighten the country out a lot. Unfortunately, her view of this does not include allowing people with a sickness/illness that may need the healing properties of MMJ, to have such a medicine legally. I think she will be completely against the idea. Where I do think there could be some good come, there's plenty of things that need to be done to sort this place out, and I think she has the level head to be able to do such.

But having a level head does not mean she will be opened to new things such as MMJ, even if California turns out a success, like it is said to do. It just seems to me that we have not taken steps further away from getting our precious medicine legalized.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, but I really wanted to get it out so I could hear your views on this subject. I know there are some really active Australians out there that should have some opinion on this, and I sure would love to see them! :smokin: That's not so say I wouldn't like to see someone from another country's opinion, you just may know more about it than I do.

Happy smokin', peace and love.
Hi Andy I am American and live on the East Coast! We were the first in the East to go MMJ and there remains much to be worked out. The Governor here was dyed in the wool against MMj and vetoed the bill but our legislators stayed in overtime and overrode the bum's veto with the full house and Full Senate signing on and voting almost unanimously in favor of override. That being said get on your local and county or province or district leaders to do something you may be vetoed but you may also be surprised. It will never happen if you are waiting on the sidelines you must become involved and testify if need be about the benefits you personally experience and how you do not want to be a crimminal for something far less dangerous than Alcohol. One note tho many countries illegalized marijuana after Nixon declared a War on Drugs and paid billions to other countries to enact strict laws against marijuana. That money continues today as USA projects power through out the world either by bribery, starvation or force I am sad to admit. Hold fast and fight the power!
Its pretty difficult in our Australia to get anything done to legalize MJ...I suffer from chronic,galloping arthritis and after approaching my GP was lectured about the evils and phsycological dangers of MJ..I argued vehemently and the only consession given was that I wouldnt be reported to the authorities here by the medical practice..I havent and never will give up my arguments in favour of this magnificent natural plant..Unfortunately I have now been brought to the attention of the authorities simply because I have on several occasions spoken out..My wife has been intimidated and my neighbors have been spoken to and warned of the weed junkie in their midst...The only thing we in Australia can do is..Keep speaking out and try to debunk the lies told about MJ...Push its medical benefits and strenghten its reputation citing facts..
I think it will be a long time before it is legalised in Aus with Gillard or Ruddy unfortunately. We are just a bit slower in that type of thing then many other countries. Only time will tell i guess
I'm actually thinking about living in Australia for a year on a holiday work visa. What's the cultural perception of pot like down there?
The new premier of Victoria wants to criminalize bongs. At the moment they are still available in stores, but if he gets his way that will change!! I got rid of all of mine but it makes me want to go buy one to keep in the cupboard.
Hi all, just been trying to read up on current WA marijuana laws, planning on moving there around june/july, anyways, not finding much other than what I believe to be early 50's american perceptions of marijuana by the elected officials.

All the articles outlining the laws seem to be a few years old and I'm not sure what is the current law, from what I've gathered it seems with a recommendation (probably difficult to obtain) a patient can grow two plants outdoors and possess no more than 30g (how to do that with two outdoor plants, I don't know...) also, anything grown hydro is probably considered to be crack or pcp... there goes my outdoor sativa in a 55 gallon dwc barrel idea..

anyways, if anyone in the WA area or whoever has information, a heads' up on what to be mindful of would be greatly appreciated. I don't plan on selling any, at all. Just for my own personal consumption, on private land.
australia is the most backwards country there is as they wont even have a vote so we can let them no 60 to 70% people smoke here and i dont no any of them to have gone sycopathic and or killed anyone alchol on other hand im not so sure but its legal here so hows about giving us a bit of a fair go its all were asking for, and pot smokers are probobly some of the kindest hearted poeple on the planet, i cant understand these laws at all, and those wow enforce them strictly should have a long look in a mirror as they have a real problem with empathy and what is infact just NOT FAIR at all.
Hey! I believe there is no fine for hydro - straight to court!
I do know they have the worst drug laws in Australia..
Not much else, sorry.
Everyone smokes pot in Australia, its very common.
You dont get in lots of trouble for growing or possessing marijuana if you can prove its personal (like most places). And you have to go to court for any type of weed you get caught with, but most of the time its a slap on the wrist if its a couple OZ or less.
The most lenient place in Australia for MJ is definately South Australia.

I wouldnt be too worried about growing in Australia if its just personal amounts, especially in WA. that is a very big and empty place
Move to Western Australia baby, its not frowned apon by the public that much, cause all that there is to do over here is smoke weed anyway. every time i get caught with weed its just a warning, or "throw that cone as far as you can in that direction and tip all that shit out into the wind", oh and maybe a fine if i have an once or two but it wasnt that much i think. Maybe different if i was suspected of dealing but i wasn't. there is also alot of bong shops and every market has one, hydro shops all over the place with "relaxed" owners that know alot about "tomatoes".
hiya there, im here in W.A and we have recently had some new laws put through by our dearly beloved government (NOT)......have taken pieces of info and pasted them here for your information, this is the latest info for this year, the government is against it being legalized and trying to deter the public, but each time they take a step the public take 3 steps, one day it will happen, but unfortunately not today :-(

Under the new laws, someone caught with more than 10 grams of cannabis, rather than the 30g under the previous law, will face a penalty of $2000 or two years in jail, or both

That will also apply to people found with any cannabis plants, where previously the possession of two plants led to the issuing of an infringement notice and a $100 to $200 fine

A person found in possession of more than 100g of cannabis would be deemed to have that quantity for supply and could face a penalty of $20,000 or two years in jail.

A person found in possession of 10g or less of cannabis will receive a Cannabis Intervention Requirement notice to attend a mandatory counselling session.

sorry for the sad news, but hey where there is a will there is a way!
G'day Andy,
Sorry, but I can't see Julia Gillard straightening anything out, let alone the country. But then again, that could be said about any of our latest crop of Pollies on all sides of the various fences. Absolutely none of them have a clue. And most are only there for the MASSIVE Superannuation payouts they get, and other perks along the way. And yet they all don't seem to mind the proliferation of gambling outlets in recent years, or the extended hours that pubs, clubs and such operate, Regardless of the humungous negative effects gambling and alcohol abuse cause. Not to mention the biggie... Tobacco. Killer of millions, they still allow the sale of that deadly concoction of poisons. They all bleat and bewail the rehabilitation costs from the effects these industries cause, and they allow in abundance.
And still they are all 100% united in the constant reviling of our favorite Weed. This propaganda has been going on since I was a kid, and I'm kicking Sixty now.
It's annoying to see, on so many news reports over the years, whenever there has been a drug bust somewhere, regardless of whether it's Cocaine, Heroin or whatever, behind the reporter, it is always the dreaded Marijuana hand leaf that pops up.
The major electoral mantra from all sides of politics for years and years has been, "We will create X number of jobs, if we're elected", on and on ad nauseum. And for all those years there has been, and still is, multi billion dollar industry(s) just waiting to be tapped and all based on Hemp Fiber. Clothing, Textiles, Car Bodies, Paper, and let's not forget Medicines, just to name a few. Add to that some R&D and who knows what else they'll find. All this from 1 plant, that grows like a weed, and in our climate could be cropped 2 or 3 times a year. And this country has land in abundance for cultivation just going unused.
Get a grip Canberra, pull your heads out of your butts and start doing what you get elaborately paid for. Running the country. Instead of running from 1 cock up to the next. there is mega wealth out there.... Wealth just waiting to be harvested.

It's time for a choof,


Milly C
Wow some interesting reading there. Sort of a year to year collection of cannabis news. I see there is no mention of our beloved Mr Abbott. I just know that from what I have read from all over the world we are being kept from a very important plant. This plant may help my wifes skin cancers they may help with my diabetes, heart disease and my failing memory. It may help with depression, but unless I can legaly grow and proccess cannabis how will I ever know. I'm very close to 70 lots of aches and pains and I cant take pain killers or anti-inflamatories. It sure would be nice to at least have the opportunity to at least try cannabis and see if it helps.
Hi there,

Agreed, we are being kept behind while the rest of the world wakes up, enjoys their freedom and isnt collapsing in the face of legalisation and responsible use. I am all for medical legalisation, but not simply for terminal conditions. With all of the findings from respected sources worldwide, it about time people here woke up and bright themselves squarely into the 21st century. People wont think twice about binge drinking and even sending their 17 year-olds on schoolies breaks to places like Bali in order to drink themselves into comas, yet cannabis is still seen as the evil weed. Wake up.

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