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purple stems

  1. B

    Help my plant is having a magnesium deficiency! can i use molasses?

    my stems are turning purple and my older bottom fan leaves are turning yellow. my plant is in vegetative stage. can i use mollases or something for the magnesium? i cant afford that expensive stuff for nutrients. any help?
  2. S

    Plants lost color/white spots/purple stems

    Ok so my plant (first time growing and it's just some bag seed in experimenting with) is losing a lot of its color. The lower leaves are dying and the uppers are losing color. Also, my stems have turned pretty purple and there's some white spots on the leaves. Here are some pictures.
  3. B

    Yellowing leaves, some purple stems. Requesting plant diagnosis/help WITH PICS

    What strain? Pre98 Bubba Kush and New York City Sour Diesel Is it indica, sativa, or hybrid? indica (pre98) and 60% sativa, 40% indica (nyc diesel) How many plants? 4 pre98, 4 nyc diesel Flowering for 5.5 weeks Indoor grow in soil mix is miracle grow (the type that advertises added soil...
  4. PaleWonder

    Twisty leaves, discoloration, purple n stems & stalk lots of pics! Help the Dummy!

    Well first off this is my first grow, I am super unprepared, on a extreme budget in an apartment closet. I have read numerous threads on this topic and have yet to see the same type of problems I am having. I will give as much info as possible from the start. First off the girls are both clones...
  5. B

    Snapped Stems

    I was trying to supercrop and I think I went too far (though based on videos I don't see how that's possible). I squeezed and twisted like suggested, but instead of just injuring the inside of the stems, the stems split and the chlorophyl, etc started oozing out. This happend with 3 or 4 of...
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