skunk #1

  1. Skunk #1

    Skunk #1

    One of my all time faves
  2. seedlings.JPG


    3 Seedlings of Blueberry Muffin, 2 of Blueberry, 1 of Bigfoot Glue, and 1 of Skunk#1
  3. Social Pothead

    Green Goddess: Feel like dancing?

    I saw this strain and I thought let's give it a try… The name “Green Goddess!!” Raised my curiosity into touching the buds feeling them and grinding them to roll a perfect joint and pack a bowl. Ohhh MaaaMaaaa! That buds color… I'm sure you are thinking about the smell of that vibrant flower…...
  4. D

    Dick23rk's Fresh Start: Mantis Nutrients Featuring MedicGrow's New Spectrum X+ 880w Light Panel

    Hello everyone, I'm Dick! Yes, it's fine, you can call me that. I'm used to it :p haha Been quite a while since I've been around these parts, I kind of got out of growing for a little bit and put more time into other hobbies. This year I had been toying with the idea of renovating and cleaning...
  5. CapeGrownian

    Time To Top?

    Hi everyone, I do have a Grow Journal but i just thought id ask this here as I dont have any followers on the Journal. This is a Skunk#1 that shot out two stems after the first 2 leaves. 30 days since she popped out the soil. Both sides are on about the 5th node Can i top her now or should...
  6. L

    9 Auto 400w HPS Soil Grow

    Hello everyone :) Glad to join the community and very excited to learn with your feedback. This is my first time with Auto strains, so, tried to read the most possible about this stuff and my setup is what I thought was the best considering the budget I had available, but give me your thoughts...

    3 Skunk #1 Autos Feminized & Sunset Sherbert Regular Female Plants

    My sunset sherbert plant is already about 4 weeks into growing from seed, I just planted 3 Skunk #1, Auto, feminized, outdoors. I'm trying to get a least a quarter pound off each plant. The Sunset Sherbert smells real strong and has been doing good outside since I spotted it growing outside. I...
  8. Nothernmichskunk

    Michigan Skunk & PBud1992

    Long winters up here
  9. B

    Boatshoe’s Indoor N.Lights x Skunk Home Cross First Time Breeding 2018 Organic Soil LED

    Greetings and All the Best to my buddies at 420 Magazine! :welcome: This journal will be for my grow effort using seeds I created last grow. This is my first time to create seeds so it’s exciting. I crossed Northern Lights x Skunk last year, there are some pictures of the parents in my last...
  10. 20180524_063529.jpg


    Day 45
  11. 20180524_063523.jpg


    Day 45
  12. V

    4 X Skunk #1 Under Mars Hydro ProII 160+Hans 180W

    Hi all !! Grow space 160x70x200cm Light-Mars Hydro 160+hans180w Vent-Blauberg iso mix 125mm 380 m3/h silent 22dB+ 2 clip fan Temp25-28C ,hum40-50% Panel distance 50cm Soil-Biobizz Allmix Nutrient Biobizz Biogrow, bio bloom, topmax+bioheaven, Sensi Cal-Mag, Atami Alga C, Atami root stim...
  13. M

    Stooby's 3rd Coco Run - 2x Skunk #1 & 1x Kali China

    Well, friends and 420ers. My last journal got abandoned quite abruptly and I apologize. The very day after my last few posts, etc, all hell broke loose on a number of fronts. I was called in several directions, I made a few of them. Again, I apologize. For the record, the WW/BB and Night...
  14. K

    2nd Grow Autos - Photo With LED

    Just started my second grow about two weeks ago Strains and seed company: Pineapple Express Auto (Fast Buds) Crystal Meth Auto (Fast Buds) Skunk #1 Auto (GYO) Golden Goat Photo Seeds from GYOGreen Soil: Happy Frog organic Nutes: Nectar for the Gods Roman Regime 2 Gallon Pots...
  15. kamiljayah

    First time grower from the tropics - Need help!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the growing thing & I'm not doing so well. I got a few Skunk#1 Autoflowers from Sensi Seeds, I decided to start off with 1 seed. It's been like almost a month & the plant has only got 3 pairs of leaves with a height of around 2.5 inches. The stem is fairly thin as well...
  16. N

    My First Grow

    I finally made the decision to try my first grow. I have been on several tutorial sites to get basic instructions. I ordered 3 different strains of feminised seeds from an online seed bank My seeds arrived about 4 weeks later. One of the strains was missing from the package, after a few emails...
  17. I

    Iceman420's Hydroponic-Northern Lights and Skunk #1 & White Walker Kush Before LST

    This is about 4 or 5 days ago before i started doing some LST on them. The main stems are looking pretty strong, i think this is about day 18 or so, somewhere around there, ill post the pics of all the LST i did, its looking like its going to work great. I have a couple of air pumps pumping air...
  18. I

    Great White Fertilizer! Epic Stuff, Day 15 White Walker Kush & Skunk#1

    Hey Everybody! Nice to be in a group of fellow growers, I wanted to give a special thanks to GREAT WHITE fertilizer! Holy smokes yall, this stuff is incredible in my opinion. The roots on my big White Walker Kush is coming out of the bottom already! There was a root sticking into the bottom...
  19. Pro Ganja

    Skunk #1 Automatic At Finals Week

  20. M

    First Serious Grow

    Hello, This will be my first serious grow ever. At first I had a small tent with two test plants to see if some 10 year old seeds would work. Short story is they didn't. I then purchased some more and got them growing. What now follows is the clones from that test. The setup is as...
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