1. hazeluv69

    Dry herb trimmer bags?

    Anyone had experience with cheaper drugs herb trimmer bags? Do they work? Have a lot of budd and not enough man power to get it done. Found one on amazon for £60. What does the water content have to be? Really dry? Anyone had any experience ?
  2. Underskirt Shot

    Underskirt Shot

    Clean them up a little before flower.
  3. S

    Do you need to dry trim before making hash?

    I have just wet trim my plant and put all the trimmings in the freezer. Should I be drying the trimmings before making ice water hash. If so im very confused into why?
  4. Angel413

    I need help drying my baby’s #tips

    What’s the best way to dry my baby’s ? What’s the best room temp? Should I Manicure my plant Before drying? How to get that real smell ? I don’t want my plants smelling like hey pls help
  5. Angel413

    Hey 420 member I’m new to this site: I will love you guys to help me grow my plant

  6. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  7. Fluff.jpg


    Fluffy low growth
  8. 20180225_181722.jpg


  9. 20180225_181749.jpg


  10. Stunned

    Preparing trim

    I plan on using all of the trim to make concentrate down the road. Does this trim have to be thoroughly dried out or can it be bagged wet? I plan on filling up freezer bags and throwing it in the freezer till I am ready for it Any info appreciated, thx guys
  11. C

    Trimming fan leaves

    Black Indica has large fan leaves. Will they reduce production by blocking the sun? If so, is it helpful to trim the the biggest or does that harm the plant?
  12. OlderGrower

    Have you ever used an EZ Trim De-budder or any other style De-budder?

    Hey guys and gals, This is not a review but a question to anyone who has had the opportunity to personally operate either an EZ Trim De-budder or a similar brand of de-budding machine. If so, did you notice if it destroyed any of the product or damage any of it? Did it work as well for you as...
  13. K

    Fan leaves to butter ratio

    Hi, So I have made some great butter in the past with bud and sugar leaf trim. I just got a big bag of fan leaves which I decarbed and ground. Now I have 10oz's of ground trim and trying to figure out what ratio to go with. I have always heard 2oz trim to 1lb of butter but where these are big...
  14. N

    Trimming questions

    hey everyone so I have a few questions about trimming how much do you trim and more importantly why? I have read a bit about it so I get that espiecally indoors you should trim but what about outdoors do you still have to? anyways if theres any good articles anyone could point me at id be...
  15. G

    Should I trim? Vegetative.

    Hey guys new to growing. I'm currently using two 1150 lumen led lights on the side and one 1600 on the top, low cost setup, planning to upgrade soon but the plants seem to be doing fine with it. Should I trim my lower branches? I've heard good things about it but with the side lighting is it...
  16. B

    White Widow Auto 8 weeks - Should I be trimming anything

    Here are my White Widow Auto at almost 8 weeks...should I be trimming them or let them be?
  17. nobodyhere

    Bubble Hash questions

    New to growing, and I have ordered a set of bags for after harvest. I am generally growing (ha-on my first grow), maybe 1-2 plants per grow. No clue with what my yields will be. Plan to make hash with trim AND any males encountered. Will one male plant that is just out of veg produce...
  18. Jackalope

    Water hash how to?

    I'm sure it is in here somewhere but don't have time to search for it. Any tips would be great. I know the basic method of it but have never tried it before. I'm using a 5 bag set for 5 gallon bucket. I'm using mostly good frosty trim. Plus 1 jar of Crimea Blue that I wasn't a big fan of. I...
  19. B

    Wet trim & blanching cannabutter method

    As promised in another thread, here's my take on making cannabutter. I employ a lot of what can easily be found in all the other various threads on this, but I do use a few other tricks that I haven't seen anywhere else that really cater to my tastes when it comes to edibles. That is, when I eat...
  20. D

    Looking for advice on Autos ,I'm having trouble finding. Please help

    Hello all , 2 BlueBerry Autos Planted 1/6/17 Soil Grow 4 CFL lights 125 watts each FF ferts My Question:?Do I trim lower branches to give the other flowers more energy to developed bigger?
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