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  1. R

    When should I trim off my sugar leaves - sucker leaves

    Hey everyone this is Ruhaa. I been told that i should start trimming off my sucker leafs little at a time now. There in there 5th week, But i have alwas just tuck them. Any responses would be nice and usefull.:thanks
  2. B

    Harvesting. Weak Main Stem

    So I am just about ready to harvest and chop my plant. Lately I have had a support to help keep the main stem of the plant to stay rigid, but for the first time on the plant i noticed that the main stem falls over without the support. How worried should I be and does this mean i should harvest...
  3. damnyourhot

    In flowring cycle for about 2 weeks can i trim tips of plant

    its unknown unknown but its about 15-18 in tall has about 8 levels so far but not bushy leaves are broad and big color is dark its healthy i wanna trim all the leaves will this kill it or will it help it make more teirs in between eatch tier where plant joins stem is leaves...
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