2Fast & 2Vast Looking for Feedback


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1st post...long time follower, first time user...i had to pick a forum i thought would produce best overall accurate info, thus I'm posting here:thumb:

As a noob, when I researched what autoflower strain to start with, I found good research material from youtube, grow journals, and some seedbanks rating this strain very highly..grow journals of Fast and Vast appeared nice..

In the end, at time of research, I only had bitcoin to buy so I purchased 5 seeds from single seed centre seedbank etc.

When I ordered what i thought was Fast and Vast i somehow clicked "2Fast &2Vast" thinking it was Fast and Vast...

I didnt even realize it was different until a week into germ....lol

Long story short, I was asking for feedback of 2Fast and 2Vast once I realized (and couldnt find as many grow journals etc) and I got feedback not to waste time growing this strain as its UNSTABLE and produces Colas with Low Low THC.....

I purchased due to it being like # 1 on herbies for auto strains and high thc content for auto's and general overall good feedback.....all regarding Fast and Vast...

Can anyone collaborate that feedback? I figured "fast and vast" was crossed with "NL" for higher Thc for
"2 fast and 2 vast"....and surely seedbanks like herbies and singleseed centre would stop selling a strain if found unstable and not getting any medical use as THC is much lower than advertised....

is 2fast and 2 vast significantly different than Fast and Vast....growers found unstable...or heard of such?

anything would be helpful....because if so, i will switch out with my ak47 auto's in a heartbeat...do not want to waste efforts on a 8% thc bud, taking 12 weeks and unstable...the plant is already been a very slow going plant for me...my ak 47's in same env, same everything, are much nicer looking...BUT if its just one person's bad experience without any others , than I bought the seeds for a reason...i want to grow em...looking for what was described of them on the seedbank sites and journals....

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