2nd attempt the killer pinch


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well this is my first thread and its my second grow attempt and well i guess the third time is the charm :grinjoint: my first one was a failed attempt because of a stupid suprise weeklong vacation i came back and my plant was dead and brown and then the second time i tried well it all looked good till the one week mark i was reading on this forum about pinching and guess what my stupid ass tried it i guess i failed to pinch it right so that plant started to get saggy so i looked frantically all over forums everywere to figure out what was wrong and nothing was there so i went into my dresser grow room (took the bottom out of the drawers so that its hollow but still looks like a dresser) and it was just done so i walked outside and pulled it out of the pot :sorry: i feel so stupid and horrible if anyone has anything i should know heres were u should post it im about to just not grow and spend my money on my friends bud:grinjoint::peace:
what are you pinching??? and I would stick to the easiest way to grow before you get into the advanced stuff... you also shouldn't let your plants sit for a week while you are gone... read the growing FAQ and get the most out of it:welcome:
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