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Newsletter - April 1, 2007

California Cannabis News

Still Waiting To Inhale
California voters in 1996 passed Proposition 215, which exempted bona fide patients with a recommendation from a licensed physician from certain aspects of state prohibition against the possession, use or transportation of marijuana, or cannabis. More than 10 years later, however, implementation of the law is spotty and still controversial.

Pot Card Can't Stop Searches, Court Says
California's medical marijuana law doesn't protect card-carrying patients from being stopped and searched by police who detect the presence of the drug, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.

Bill Would Permit Cannabis Growth
The most liberal Democratic lawmakers from the Bay Area and the most conservative Republican legislators from Southern California have rolled together a bill allowing farmers to grow cannabis — the hemp variety, not pot.

Criminal Justice Committee Adopts State Pot Minimums
The Criminal Justice Committee of the board of supervisors informally approved on a recommendation that the county adopt the state minimum standards for possession and cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes.

Dying Woman Loses Marijuana Appeal
A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a California woman whose doctor says marijuana is the only medicine keeping her alive is not immune from federal prosecution on drug charges.

Medical Marijuana Ruling Is Troubling
The recent Ninth Circuit ruling in Raich v Gonzales (part II)] is troubling on a few different levels. One, from a lay person’s point of view, it appears that the court has ruled that the supremacy of the federal government's law making abilities trumps individual's freedoms, liberties and abilities to engage in medical self-preservation.

Class Action Sought In Pot Suit
A Cedar fire burn victim is seeking class-action status for a lawsuit he filed against county officials, alleging violations of patients' rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act by their refusal to regulate the use of medical marijuana.

State Must Follow Voters Wishes On Medical Marijuana

You would have thought the state Department of Health Services was out to kill the medical marijuana identification card program. The department planned to increase the cost of the cards tenfold before wiser minds prevailed and the hike was cut in half.

Ceres Bans Dispensaries
With little fanfare, the City Council unanimously voted Monday night to ban groups from dispensing medical marijuana in the city.

New Dispensary Open In Palm Springs
A new medical marijuana dispensary has opened in Palm Springs at the location of the recently closed Collective Apothecary of Palm Springs, or CAPS.

Tuolumne County Approves California's Medical Marijuana ID Program
Supervisor Teri Murrsion had the task of casting the deciding vote on whether to implement the state's medical marijuana identification card program in Tuolumne County.

Morro Bay Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bust
Federal agents raid the only medical marijuana dispensary between Buellton and Oakland. The raid took place around 11a.m. Thursday morning on the 700 block of Monterey Avenue in Morro Bay.

L.A.'s Marijuana Stores Take Root
"What we set out to do was put something in the statutes that said medicine was a defense in case they got arrested using marijuana for medical reasons," Imler says. "What we got was a whole different thing, a big new industry."

California Backs Off Big Hike In MMJ ID Fees
California health officials abandoned a plan to raise the cost of medical marijuana identification cards by more than tenfold after patient advocates and a state lawmaker complained.

Marijuana Fact: Marijuana Produces New Brain Cells
A new study has found that one of marijuanas active ingredients actually helps produce new brain cells, while apparently reducing anxiety.
Cannabis Facts

Worldwide Cannabis News

Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
‘The most profitable and Desirable Crop that Can be Grown,’ an article from the Feb. 1938 issue of Mechanical Engineering Magazine. "If hemp was cultivated using 20th century technology, it would be the single largest agricultural crop in the U.S." Back in 38 as well, Popular Mechanics ran an article in Feb. claiming that hemp could for the first time create a billion dollar crop in America, ladies and gentlemen think of its potential now?
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Cherry Picking Data To Prove Your Point
The more I see of the world the more it strikes me that people want more science, rather than less, and that they want to use it in odd ways: to abrogate responsibility, validate a hunch, or render a political or cultural prejudice in deceptively objective terms. As long as you cherry pick the data and keep one eye half closed, you can prove anything with science.
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Montel Williams Makes Emotional Plea For Medical Marijuana Bill
Syndicated television talk show host Montel Williams choked back tears Friday as he urged Connecticut lawmakers to pass a bill legalizing marijuana use for medical purposes.
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War on Drugs Still Unconstitutional
If we pose the questions this way, the answer is obvious – Congress cannot authorize and the executive cannot enforce bans on marijuana use, especially when used as a medicinal aid to improve one’s life. What is the purpose of government but to improve the quality of our lives?
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Senate Bill Seeks To Clarify Medical Marijuana Law
There are a couple problems with the medical-marijuana laws in Washington and 10 other states. One is that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that federal law making the use or possession of marijuana illegal under any circumstances trumps state laws.
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Judiciary Panel OK's Medical Marijuana
Connecticut would become the 13th state to let gravely ill people use marijuana, under legislation overwhelmingly approved Wednesday in the Judiciary Committee after a brief debate. Proponents of the legislation said there is a good chance that the bill can be approved in the House and Senate and sent to Gov. M. Jodi Rell this year.
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Barr Shifts In Support Of Medical Marijuana
Bob Barr, a former Georgia Republican congressman and anti-drug crusader, has become a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project.
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Was Blind But Now I See
“My left eye was messed up by a surgery when I was 14, and I never thought I would get it back,” Musikka said. “At my last checkup, it was 20/100 (improved from 20/400), and I was totally thrilled because I never expected that as I got older, my sight would be getting better. But if you eat/ smoke marijuana, your whole system gets so much better.”
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Sativex Coming To The U.S.
GW Pharmaceuticals Plc has signed up Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co. to develop and market pioneering cannabis-based drug Sativex in the United States, the UK company said on Wednesday, boosting its shares.
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Roadside Sobriety Testing For Pot
Public support for legalizing cannabis would increase significantly if a roadside field sobriety test were widely available to detect drivers' impaired by pot, according to survey data published in the Harm Reduction Journal.
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Hemp Facts:
The hemp plant is the most versatile crop in the entire plant kingdom and has shown its uses throughout history. The first book was written in China on Hemp paper, and our country was founded on hemp. George Washington was the largest hemp farmer in the world during the late 1700's and Thomas Jefferson called on farmers to "plant hemp seed, not tobacco", in fact, hemp was legal tender for almost 200 years in the United States, that's right, you could even pay your taxes with hemp!
A Brief History Of Hemp

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