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8th week sour diesel?


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buds are massive ,but plant not yellig or looking done yet. running mater thru only how many days should i run water. thank youso


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I think you're doing hydro with sour diesel. When I grow hydro I always try to flush with water only for 21 days or longer. However, you could probably get away with flushing for 2 weeks @ the bare minimum.


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Took down s.d. Yielded.4.0zs!!!!!!!


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U cant count the day u put 1nto 12/12!!! You have to wait for start of flower.then wait 8 weeks!

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You can't even count on that...
I have a Iced Grapefruit was put in 12/12 Jan/23 and still to this day is still in 12/12 you do the math, I count 14 weeks this week, this plant calls for a 8 week flowering period and the hairs on the buds are brown and not all of them and not 1 leave turn yellow yet and all trichs are clear...:peace2:

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